Hello, I'm Olivia, I'm a 22 year old Musical Theatre student from England. I launched deliciously-floral.co.uk in 2014 as a platform to share my passion for beauty with my fellow beauty junkies around the world. I also use it as an escape from the real world and devote time in my life to something I truly love. 

I've loved beauty for as long as I can remember, I have fond memories of asking my mum whether I would 'dress up and put make-up on' when I was younger. I love how transformative it is, I guess this is where the cross over of make-up and musical theatre comes in to play. I never feel truly in character until I stand in the mirror with full costume and make-up, It's the same in real life; I never feel truly me without a swipe of mascara and a dash of concealer. 

The most exciting thing about blogging is being able to try out new innovative products within the ever evolving beauty industry and then being able to share my thoughts with other people. Beauty Products have the ability to not only enhance peoples appearance but they're also able boost self esteem and confidence, something I love seeing happen over and over again! I would in no way consider myself an expert in beauty, this blog is purely one beauty junkie sharing her opinion to other beauty junkies!

If you love all things beauty, you'll feel right at home here.

I also have a youtube channel, simply search 'deliciously-floral' or ((click here)).
TWITTER - @lvblackwell

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