Revolution Cut Crease Canvas Review

I hold a special place in my heart for Revolution, they were the first (and only) brand to ever invite me to an event and continue to invite me year after year. In addition, their products are bomb and every release gets better and better.

I recently repurchased the Define and Conceal concealer for the millionth time and as Superdrug were doing 3 for 2, I decided I wanted to try the Cut Crease Canvas. I picked up the shade Create (Medium) which is slightly yellow toned, ideal for cancelling out veins and discolouration on the lid. I love the entire concept of this, it has a dome shaped brush in which you apply the product but it's also designed to 'cut the crease'. Whilst this is a great idea, it kinda doesn't work in practise but it doesn't make the product itself any less wow-worthy. 

This is a high pigment eye shadow base that makes eye shadows pop beyond words and makes them last all day. I'm a huge fan of the Plouise base however I find it doesn't make eye shadows last. This does everything the Plouise does PLUS improves longevity and is cheaper. I also found that it was more pigmented and was easier to blend shadows on top of - win win!

It also comes in 4 shades - white, fair, medium and deep. Would be amazing if it catered more for darker skin tones. Their concealers have such a great shade selection, I'm sure they can branch out here too!

I am yet to try something from Revolution that disappoints me. With the price tag, I tend to not expect much from them but am constantly flawed at the quality of their products. Another fantastic product to add to my ever growing Revolution beauty stash. Bravo. 

Want to see it in action? watch me compare it with the PLouise base in a battle of the eye shadow bases.

Liv x

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