The Tan Diaries #1 | Isle of Paradise Express Ultra Dark

Life is better when you're tanned. 

My outfits look more put together, I look healthier, hair looks blonder, people ask me if I've been on holiday when the truth is I haven't left the country in years. Alas I could go on, however I thought seeing as I find myself trying so many different tans, it would be stupid for me not to review them on here.

So kicking off my Tan Diaries, I'm testing the Isle of Paradise Express Ultra-Dark self-tanning mousse. This is my first time trying anything from Isle of Paradise. Created by celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep, this brand is 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free. Tick, tick, tick. I've seen so much hype surrounding the clear, colour correcting tans but I'm all about the guide colour, it's the only way to see if you've covered every inch of skin before it starts to develop. I'm sure they're great but it's not for me. However, this one has a guide colour and promises to give me an extra dark tan in 4 hours, oh and it was half price in boots. 

I love the lilac packaging with holographic patches, it's eye catching in all the right ways. It uses the traditional mousse pump which is fine for me as that's what I tend to use. 

The tans in this range are designed around colour correcting, this particular one has a hyper-violet ash base which aims to hide orange, yellow and ash tones for a really natural looking deep tan aka no wotsit legs al-a angus thongs and perfect snogging. 

On first application, I noticed that it was a quite a liquid-y mousse. Sounds odd but if you're an avid tanner you'll know what I mean. What it meant was a little goes a long way, 1 full pump covered my whole lower leg, in comparison to the Bondi Sands Aero Tan where I have to do 3 or 4. It blended out really nicely using a velvet mitt and I found it didn't cling to any areas. It also doesn't smell like fake tan, according to their website it's designed to have a lower PH which ensures there's no biscuity smell, they also then incorporate Eucalyptus oil for a fresh scent, which it definitely has but I find that the biscuit smell comes after you've washed it off so we shall see.

It does claim to dry quickly but I think my idea of dry and the brands are two very different thing. Even half an hour after I applied it, it was still very much sticky, it's definitely going to transfer on to clothes and bedding. Although, I did feel hydrated which is rare with a tan, this might be something to do with the avocado, chia seeds and coconut oils in the formula. 

I washed it off after 4 hours and I was left with a gorgeous, even, deep tan. Also it's stayed on areas of my body that tan usually washes off e.g shins, chest etc. Although, as I expected, I did have a hint of biscuit wafting around after I'd washed it off but it wasn't anything I couldn't cope with. 

I was already pretty sold on the tan but then my younger sister complimented me on how dark and even the colour was and then I knew I had to throw all my other tans away and use nothing else ever again. Just kidding, but I am very very impressed.

This tan has been all over instagram on 'AD's so I thought I'd give a review from someone who spent her hard earned cash student loan and I must say, it lives up to the hype. 

A deep, gorgeous, even tan in 4 hours - well done Isle of Paradise.

colour - 9/10
scent - 8/10
formula - 8/10

What shall I try next?

Liv x

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