Patterned Tights - they're back baby.

I feel like 2019 is the year that all the trends we used to wear as kids come back round again. Kind of makes me wish I never threw anything away, I could have saved myself so much money.

The brand Calzedonia seemed to work with every single blogger I follow on Instagram over the past month and I think it kick started the cute trend back from its 10 year hibernation. Of course being a student, there is no way in hell you'll catch me paying over £10 for a pair of patterned tights, so naturally I hit up the cheapest option - Primark. £3 a pair? much better. I'll only end up laddering them after one use anyway.

It's such a good way of updating your look without going out and buying a whole new outfit. I've had this LBD for over a year now and it just never seems to go out of style and pairing it with the heart print tights just gives it a completely fresh look - plus it keeps you mildly warm and you don't have to shave your legs, win win. 

I also love how these look with a denim skirt and a knitted jumper, all the cozy yet cute vibes. Not sure about anyone else but I always get sick to death of wearing jeans through winter. 

Do you think you'll give this trend a try?  OMG imagine if they bring back coloured tights, I definitely never EVER want to wear them again! 

Liv x

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