What To Watch #1

I watch a lot of Netflix. Like a lot a lot. But I'm doing musical theatre and as part of my course we do acting and now acting for screen so it's basically research, or so I keep telling myself. So in-between binging my way through the box sets of Sex and the City on SkyGo, I'm working my way through Netflix and here are my top 5 picks at the moment.

I'm going to get this first one out of the way because everyone and their Mothers are raving about You. Of course part of me will never accept Dan from Gossip Girl as Joe (also known IRL as Penn Badgley), but the whole story is gripping right from the first episode. Based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, the story follows Joe and his obsession with a writer named Guinevere Beck and as the story unfolds, his dark past and twisted morals are revealed. I was slightly concerned that I fancied Joe from beginning to end but a quick check of twitter it's clear to see I'm not the only one. Some a little too much? go have a look at Badgley's twitter, he responses to fans of the show are absolutely hilarious.

The next thing is the brand new British comedy Sex Education. It's rare that I genuinely laugh out loud to tv programs but this did make me do exactly that. I did however watch Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang a week prior to starting this programme so watching Asa Butterfield go from an adorable kid to a teenage sex therapist is kinda weird but hey ho. Despite being a British comedy, it has a real American high-school vibe. Lockers in the hallway, varsity jackets and the way they act has a hint of that typical American forwardness. I'm definitely not complaining, whilst I love American tv shows nothing compares to British humour and this is the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

Big Mouth is next on my list. I only started watching it because someone at uni mentioned it and about a week later I had binge watched the entire first series. It's weird I'll admit, but it's jokes. It covers everything from periods, boners, pubes - in fact I probably learnt more from this programme than I did from my 3 sex ed lessons in year 7.  It mainly follows Nick and Andrew as they go through puberty along with the other kids in their grade. Look, I mean I know it's a cartoon but trust me, I made my boyfriend watch one episode and he was genuinely crying with laughter. so yeah. You da man Steve.

Besides watching programmes that make me laugh, I love a good crime documentary. I'd put off watching the Innocent Man for ages because I'd tried the other popular Netflix docs like The Staircase and Making a Murderer, but the episodes and the series themselves were too long. I got to episode 5 of each and found myself just using them to nap to - does anybody else do that? (on that note: Blue Planet is excellent to nap to). Anyway, I decided the other day to give it a go and I watched all 6 episodes in one sitting. What I liked about it was that it wasn't just one crime, it covers two similar and it uncovers all sorts of corruption in the criminal justice system in the state of Oklahoma (yes I'm stagey so you can bet your ass that I spelt that by singing the song, thank you. Yeow!). I bloody love a good crime doc and this one was short and sweet, but with enough content to keep me awake and interested.

Oh and my final pick is Dynasty. For Fallon Carrington's wardrobe alone. Thank you, that is all.
I think I may have mentioned this in my last picks but yeah, I'm watching series two so I felt it needed a mention because Fallon is serving LOOOOKS.

What are you binging on at the moment?

Liv x

Patterned Tights - they're back baby.

I feel like 2019 is the year that all the trends we used to wear as kids come back round again. Kind of makes me wish I never threw anything away, I could have saved myself so much money.

The brand Calzedonia seemed to work with every single blogger I follow on Instagram over the past month and I think it kick started the cute trend back from its 10 year hibernation. Of course being a student, there is no way in hell you'll catch me paying over £10 for a pair of patterned tights, so naturally I hit up the cheapest option - Primark. £3 a pair? much better. I'll only end up laddering them after one use anyway.

It's such a good way of updating your look without going out and buying a whole new outfit. I've had this LBD for over a year now and it just never seems to go out of style and pairing it with the heart print tights just gives it a completely fresh look - plus it keeps you mildly warm and you don't have to shave your legs, win win. 

I also love how these look with a denim skirt and a knitted jumper, all the cozy yet cute vibes. Not sure about anyone else but I always get sick to death of wearing jeans through winter. 

Do you think you'll give this trend a try?  OMG imagine if they bring back coloured tights, I definitely never EVER want to wear them again! 

Liv x

Primark Lipsticks - A MAC dupe?!

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Primark Make up has upped it's game massively in 2018. Bringing out new collections, dupes and a whole host of affordable make up, in sleek packaging. Of course in most cases you get what you pay for, however there are a few products that have me pleasantly surprised.

I've spotted these MAC-esque lipsticks every time I've been in but never bothered to further inspect - until the other day when I finally decided to give them a swatch.

First thing to note is the smell, as soon as you open the cap the vanilla scent hits you like a big yellow school bus. Thankfully, I love the smell of vanilla and I see what they've tried to do here by mimicking the classic vanilla smell of the MAC ones, however I think they could have toned it down just a smidge.

On to the colour options - there are a million and one different shades of nude and I am all here for it along with the odd red and more pinky/purple options. There's definitely something for everyone. They also come in two finishes - Matte (£1.50 and Lustre £0.90), not quite sure why there is a 60p difference in price but hey ho both are an absolute bargain.

Bottom - Top - Limbo, Naked Flame, Shot Gun, Toast.

The Matte lipsticks really do remind me of the MAC matte lipsticks - think Ruby Woo, the colour pay off was incredible but boy was that shit drying. The Primark ones are no different, you can really feel them on the lips however, as someone who is used to wearing liquid lipsticks on the daily this isn't a problem for me. The colour pay off is incredible and all in all I'm happy with these! I picked up the shades 'Limbo - a bright coral' and 'Naked Flame - a nude pink'.

The Lustre lipsticks were a bit less exciting, the more hydrating formula meant the colour pay off was a lot sheerer. Although I did find that the shade 'Toast' is almost identical to MAC Velvet Teddy accept of course, it's in a less drying formula. A great option for every day if you just want a wash of colour and for £0.90, you can't really expect anything more. I also picked up the shade Shot Gun which is a slightly darker browny/nude, I like this if I'm feeling a bit more of a dramatic day time look. I'm definitely still not over the 90's brown lip trend.

Top - Velvet Teddy, Bottom - Toast

All in all, the Primark lipsticks did impress me. However, I don't think they're an exact dupe MAC as you certainly get what you're paying for. The colour options are nice and if you can cope with a liquid lipstick and the strong vanilla scent, it might be worth picking one up to try.

Liv x

TREND | Hair Accessories

Me and my hair have such a love/hate relationship... ok mostly hate. But I had a bit of an epiphany - you know how if your make up is going shit you just throw on some glitter or add some lashes then all of a sudden you kinda pull it off? I feel that's what wearing clips does, like the distraction of some pretties resurrects the hair from the point of no return.

I've taken a lot of inspiration from Pinterest this time round. So many 90's style images, mixed with the fresh contemporary looks, it made the term 'fancy bobby pins' go straight to the top of my wish list. Those clips you wore in primary school? they're back baby. To keep things looking minimal and less 2k4 stick to black or tortoiseshell - Primark do a pack of both for literally £2.

I am also loving the knotted hair band trend, I have a stretchy one from eBay that literally covers my scalp, amazing for those greasy hair days - throw the hair up into a messy bun, pop this on et voila. I also picked a mustard yellow head band up from primark and I love how this looks with some loose waves - it's amazing how much it can make it look like you made an effort.

Last but not least we got the scrunchie. I adore the satin textures for more of a grown up look. They look best wrapped around a messy bun or this maroon one from Accessorize looks gorgeous on a low pony tail. A fresh, yet old, twist on the classic hair tie.

This trend is definitely something I can get on board with, the tiny detail makes all the difference and wont cost you an arm and a leg.

Shall I do a video on ways to wear? let me know!

Liv x