a last minute Halloween idea for the basic b*tch

Ah, first blog post back in a while and I'm using dodgy iPhone images. Stick with me, I promise they'll get better from here on out. I forgot to whip the camera out last night whilst taking pictures, I was too busy thinking about the cheesy Dorito crisp sandwich I was about to demolish (or two... and then the rest of the sharing bag of doritos - no regrets)

Anyway, Halloween is literally right around the corner and whilst most parties happened this weekend, there's still some celebrating to be had. This easy 'army' inspired look was curated in about 0.5 seconds on Saturday night in a last minute desperate attempt to find something remotely costume-esque from my wardrobe without having to spend a single penny. 

For this you'll need:
  • A body suit - or any black fitted top
  • A cameo bottoms - either a skirt OR trousers - they were on trend a little while back and I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog owned a pair.
  • A beret - again, everyone was wearing berets not to long ago, I got mine from Primark early this year. 
  • Black eye shadow - dip some fingers in and draw the lines and bobs your uncle.

For shoe wear you could go for anything. Military style boots are back in and are everywhere at the moment. I opted for these suede-tete over the knee boots from New Look. I bought them last Christmas in the sale and this is the first time they've ever been worn out. I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan - I had to stick them to my thighs with body tape to get them to stay up for longer than 5 minutes. 

I also added some scratches with blood to my neck to make it look a bit more 'halloween-ey'. For this I used a red lip pencil, then went over it with my Powerlips in Roar. 

I get that this isn't a dead ringer for an 'army' look, but I feel like with Halloween you can go one of two ways - go all out and spend a fortune or you can just pull a look together, slap on some face paint and get away with something that loosely resembles something. I tend to go for the latter. 

Happy Halloween my lovelies.


Olivia x