No make up look is complete without a swipe of mascara.

I am so fussy when it comes to what coats my lashes. It needs to be jet black, add volume and length and most importantly, last all day without imprinting on my eye lid. Is that too much to ask? surely not.

Benefit mascaras are usually a bit hit and miss. I love the finish I get with They're Real but the brush is a health hazard and it melts off so easily. Roller lash is also popular however, it just doesn't give my lashes enough ooomph. 

Then, as if the Benefit gods answered my prayers, Bad Gal Bang was launched. 

The brush is flexible and thin so it makes it:
1. easier to use without getting it all over your eyelids. Although, I must admit, I find that impossible. 
2. Less likely to blind you in the event of accidentally poking yourself in the eye. Also a common occurrence. 

OK, so lets talk formula. This is thick, jet black and coats every single lash. Everything my blonde lashes could want and more. It's slightly more wet than I usually prefer however, it makes it easier to build - which it does so well.

I should probably mention that I love a spidery lash. If it promises a 'natural' finish it can get in the bin.
This mascara does, very easily, verge into spider territory so if that's not your jam, step away from Bad Gal Bang.

That was brilliant, if I must say so myself.

Want to know the icing on the cake?

It. Lasts. All. Damn. Day!

No smudging, no budging. Yup, yes please, I'll take ten, thank you. 

If I had to force a con to this product, it would be that it's not waterproof and therefore doesn't hold a curl. So Benefit, if you're reading this, you know what to do. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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