Hello my lovelies, with summer right around the corner, I've recently picked up two new glow-getting products. Both dreamy highlighters bounce the light pretty much into space and are not to be under estimated.

The first being the Iconic illuminating drop and holy crap are these reflective. Mine is in the shade Original which is a stunning, warm champagne. The tiniest big goes such a long way and I can't imagine I'll be running out of this any time soon. The only downside is the price - it's £30 for the pot but I'd say it's worth every damn penny. So many brands have tried and failed to re-create it's luminosity that doesn't disappear when blended out. It also layers well underneath powder highlighters for that high impact finish. I love wearing this on my body, smothered across my shoulders and collar bones to make my Insta Glow tan really pop.

Then at the other end of the price spectrum we have the £2.50 Primark highlighter in the shade Brunch Club. Everything from the names to the packaging screams Kylie Jenner dupe because even hers looked tacky as hell. But looking past the excessively chunky cardboard packaging and at the actual highlighter, you'll be shook. This shade is a light gold shimmer that's beyond reflective. It does have tiny flecks of glitter but if you're using this then you're not really the sort that opts for subtlety when it comes to highlight. Layered on top of the Iconic drops I am seriously glowing to the gods. 

Pair it with a gorgeous summer tan and you've got a iconic glowy suns kissed look.
Not going on holiday this year? don't worry I've got just the tan for you

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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PROM / EVENT Make up

I love this time of year; proms, summer balls, weddings - they're all in full swing. 
you'll find I'm over dressed nine out of ten times I go out, so it's at event's when I'm in my element. 

This summer ball I donned a hot pink suit and I've honestly never loved an outfit so much in my life. I was warm, comfortable but it made one hell of a statement and I don't think I've ever received so many compliments on my outfit in my entire life. Personal fashion highlight right there. So much so, I'm outfit recycling for my nephews Christening - obviously swapping out the raunchy bodysuit for something a little more church-appropriate. 

The next exciting thing about these events is sorting my make up. I trial it weeks ahead because I bloody love it and I hate being rushed on the day. If I plan ahead I go straight into auto pilot, eliminating stress and time wasting indecisiveness. 

I've come up with three very different prom/event looks for my YouTube Channel

The first being a slightly different, colourful option for the more daring.

The second was such a classic. You can't go wrong with a red pout.

The final was my favourite and definitely more me. A warm, golden bronze look.

Which one was your favourite?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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