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Uni is finished for the summer and I'm dead excited to all my attention to my very neglected blog. 

Kicking things off I wanted to discuss a topic that's been a problem for me for the past 8 or so months. I love being blonde, however the damage it has done is ridiculous. I am also a heat styling junkie, having naturally curly hair means I have to use twice the amount of heat to achieve a sleek style. In addition, my fellow naturally curly girls will know how dry and coarse our hair type is anyway so combine it with some damage and it looks and feels dead. 

I have been desperately trialling every hair mask I can get my hands on in a bid to rectify the damage.  These are the three affordable ones that have come out on top:

The Body Shop Truly Nourishing Hair Mask throws me straight back to the days of consuming my body weight in foamy bananas. If you're not big on banana scents this might not be the one for you. However it is very hydrating and leaves my hair soft and manageable, with a gorgeous light scent. Using 100% vegan ingredients including banana puree from Ecuador, this cruelty free product is one for everyone. 

Next up is the RENU hair mask and it's possibly my favourite out of the three. The first time I used it about a month ago I was blown away by the results. It tamed the frizz and smoothed my hair so well that it stayed straight for 3 days, even after I was caught in the rain! Since then I have used it weekly. It works by penetrating the hair shaft and tripling the strength of damaged hair. My hair feels stronger, smoother and less damaged immediately after use and continues to work long after the next couple of washes.

The third and final mask is more of a treatment. The Knight and Wilson PurePlex Revolutionary Hair Repair System  is the most complicated to use out of all three. Once you've got the hang of it, it's a lot easier but initially it felt like I was in the bathroom for about 7 hours. It contains Aminofix repair and protect bond reconstructing technology to help return damaged and bleached hair back to a healthy state. I LOVE the smell of this one too. My hair always feels like silk after using this which makes it worth the 4 step process, just make sure you grab snacks and your phone so you have something to do whilst you wait. 

I didn't notice how much healthier my hair was until I looked at my Summer Ball pictures. I honestly cannot get over how much it's grown, before I used any of these masks my hair was breaking off and just generally looking like a hot mess. I've finally tamed it WITHOUT breaking the bank. 

What are your haircare saviours?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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