My skin is the best it has EVER been. Ok so I'm still getting breakouts, especially when I'm stressed or when my diet goes to shit (I have very limited will power so that's very often) but as a whole, my skin is clearer and my confidence with it is at a all time high!

I think it's down to a number of things; age - I'd like to think I've finally grown out of my acne stage, Microneedling - something I tried in December and am now seeing results and finally a decent skincare routine - nothing fancy, just the basics.

Over the years I've learnt that the more natural the product is the less likely I am to break out from it. Which is why I've stripped my skincare routine back, keeping only the essentials.

To kick things off I always begin by removing my eye make up with the Nivea Double Effective Makeup Remover. I've been using this consistently for about 3 or 4 years, it's THE best eye make up remover. It doesn't irritate my eyes and makes light work of waterproof mascara - zero tugging needed. 

Then I move into cleanser, I've mentioned my love for the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser many times on my blog and I thankfully went back to it at the end of last year and am still continuing to use it now. It removes all my make up embedded in my skin without stripping it or leaving it feeling dry and tight. It doesn't contain heavy fragrance etc, it's simple and pleasant and does the bloody job. Which reminds me I need to re-purchase asap.

Next up I like to exfoliate using a chemical exfoliant. At the minute I'm testing the Glossier Solution, I'm actually really enjoying using it and have noticed a slight difference in the texture of my skin. I will report back in a month or so on my final thoughts but at the minute it's doing the job. I'm noticing more of a difference with it than I did with the Pixi Glow Tonic so I guess that's a plus.

I was very kindly sent the Botanics Nourishing Oil and it has since become my favourite product in my skincare routine. Firstly it smells like lemons from the lemon peel oil, which I love! Secondly, it hydrates my skin like nothing else, leaving it glowy af. I've been full of cold for the past three weeks and despite all the nose blowing I've not once had the dreaded flaking skin around my nose.

I've finally managed to add an eye cream to my routine, I'm nervous about anything that you put near your eyes because mine are so sensitive. However, I'm currently using the Botanics Hydrating eye cream and am loving it. It's just a standard eye cream, no bold anti-ageing, de-puffing, dark-circle removing claims, just does a lovely job at moisturising the eye area without being too heavy.

The last step in my routine is lip balm. I often switch between the Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com or my Plumping Lip Balm*, both of which are super hydrating and leave my lips soft come morning.

In terms of masks, I love a good sheet mask for added hydration or for breakouts or congested skin I love using the Epoch Marine Mud face Mask* (not pictured) as it literally pulls the crap from out your pores and you can actually see it working!

* I personally sell these products, if you would like to order them, drop me an email at

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