When In Doubt, Add Glitter

Ok so the festive season might be over and whilst you're sweeping up the confetti, tinsel and Christmas tree needles, you shouldn't ever pack away that glitter.

And whether you save it for special occasions or a glam queen and don the stuff every single day, you absolutely 100% need the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. They're a complete game changer, in my opinion.

The formula encapsulates a glitter, shimmery pigment and all things sparkly in a long wearing formula. So kiss goodbye to messy loose glitters, using glue to apply and getting the damn stuff everywhere. You simply swipe and go and if you've been following deliciously-floral for a while you know I a great fan of anything that requires minimal effort yet gives full impact.

Ok so my only bug bare is the hefty price tag. I absolutely love them but  come on £23 is a bit excessive Stila. I've heard that colour pop do very, very similar products so if any brits are willing to risk the customs charges then go ahead. I have the worse luck so I think I'll stick to collecting the Stila ones when ever there's discount codes and offers.

The finish is quite spectacular - see the shade Gold Goddess in action in my Festive Glam Make up video. I know Christmas is over but the make up is perfect for any occasion.

I own the shades Gold Goddess and beautiful true gold, Kitten Karma a rose gold with silver reflects and Sunset Cove a stunning baby pink/blue duo-chrome with gold glitter - such a unique shade. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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