My Go-to Primers

Up until a couple of months ago, primers were not a regular feature in my make up routine. Now, I can't imagine doing my make up without them. I've been alternating between three depending on how my skin is feeling/looking and what I'm doing that day.

For days where I'm not doing anything exciting, so probably just staying in all day - I'll opt for the Primark Primer Water. It's alcohol free, oil free and silicone free so doesn't upset the skin, instead it just gives the complexion some extra hydration to make foundation glide on over the top. It's an absolute steal for £2 and has really impressed me. 

If my skin is looking a little sallow, dehydrated and in need of a drink asap then I reach for the Too Faced Hangover Primer. Infused with coconut water, this quenches thirsty skin and gives a light luminosity back into the complexion, leaving the skin plump and hydrated. This definitely extends the longevity of my foundation too, ideal for long days after too many late nights. 

I have recently posted about The Ordinary High-spreadability fluid primer and how much it has changed my mind about silicone based primers. I hate the texture still, that probably wont change, but  the finish is smooth, pore-less and flawless and I find it makes my foundation go further as theres a barrier between the skin and foundation, my skin doesn't just drink it up. What it does in term of priming can help me look past the slimy feel. 

I'm keen to try more, send your recommendations this way!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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