My idea of a hangover cure involves copious amounts of carbs, squash, netflix and my bed. I embrace the puffy, tired, dehydrated face knowing fully well I don't have to see anyone or do anything important. Too Faced created a primer the combat the look of too many late nights and a poor daily intake of H2O - or hangover face, as I call it. 

I don't like a lot of primers because they contain silicone and 1. I hate the texture of silicone and 2. I feel like it clogs my pores and does more harm than good, however the Hangover Primer is silicone-free and I find myself reaching for it everyday.

It's packed full of coconut water for hydration a long with ingredients that help plump the skin and smooth out any lines and texture. It feels more like skincare than make up, but it helps improve the longevity of my foundation acting like a magnet to ensure it stays on my skin. The hydrating, dewy formula means it's certainly not going to keep my make up matte but I love the fresh finish it gives, making me look more alive than I feel.

The Too Faced Hangover Primer is now a staple in my routine!

What's your favourite primer?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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