Now it will come to no surprise for anyone when I say I love Benefit make up. I swear by their blushes, I adore Hoola and no one does brows quite like them. 

I'm not usually a clear brow gel kinda girl, I'll religiously wear Gimme Brow day in, day out. However, I'd come to the end of my Gimme Brow and needed an alternative, rummaging through my collection I discovered I'd got Ready, Set, Brow! still in it's box. After giving it a whirl I was instantly impressed, it locked my brows in place all day - like glued them down and not a single hair budged. 

My brow hairs are naturally fair, so I prefer tinted gels over clear ones so it looks like I've actually got hair but this coats each hair and helps them stand out. The brush has two different length bristles - a longer side and a shorter side, ideal for grabbing every individual hair. This would be perfect for anyone with bushy, unruly, cara-esque brows. With my thin, sparse hairs I have to make sure the brush is coated in product so it gets each one. 

What are your brow go-tos?

Ps. Thank you for my sister for being my personal hand model. My nails are a sorry sight and she just had a fresh mani so I figured you'd rather see that than mine!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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