My Favourite Netflix Series

So if I'm not blogging, filming videos or working, you can rest assured knowing there's only one other thing I'm doing with my time - watching Netflix. 

Me and Netflix have been in a strong relationship for a couple of years now and honestly I don't know what I'd do without it in my life (probably be more productive and have an actual life but ha who needs that..) 

Here's a list of all the programmes I love so much I could binge watch them in a day:

My current obsession, I say as I eagerly await the new episode released every Sunday. I got hooked onto this when it was on BBC iplayer and when I found out Netflix had bought it I was over the bloody moon. I honestly forget it's the same actress, Titiana Maslany, playing every single clone. Maslany is an actress who honestly doesn't get enough praise for what she does in this programme. 

Cole Sprouse. That is all.

No I'm kidding the storyline is good too, it's gripping and binge-watch worthy! Unlike Pretty Little Liars,  in this murder mystery the writers have managed to keep the audience engaged and were able to reveal a story line in one season without dragging it on for 7 and creating the biggest let down in the history of tv - yeah I'm still pissed. 

so I like murder programmes. I love how this one flashes forward to the night of the murder whilst we watch the past happen in 'real time'. It's one of those programmes you can't just put on in the background, you're going to need 100% attention. Plus I could honestly watch Viola Davis act for hours on end.

A classic. My favourite series is the Asylum, the only one that left me with nightmares and oh my, Evan Peters in this series wow. 

Guess who's bouncing off the walls at the trailer for series 2? me me me! This received a lot of hype when it first came out and with good reason. It's highly addictive and the child actors are pretty damn good. 

Norman and Norma Bates are creepy af but I can't help but keep watching. There's lots of dark twisted storylines but completely binge-watch worthy.

Finally, a series that doesn't involve murder. I found myself talking in an RP accent as well after binge-watching this. I put off watching for ages because I couldn't imagine a programme about the Queen would be that entertaining but I was wrong and I think I finished this in about a day.

Controversial however I don't think I've ever binge watched a tv series so quickly in my life. Of course, if you are likely to be triggered avoid like the plague but for many this is such an eye opener and a highly addictive watch. 

What are you're favourite series on Netflix?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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