I'm definitely a palette girl, they're compact and have colours already organised to work beautifully together. But if you've watched my videos on my youtube, you'll know that I rarely just use one palette to create a look. This is where the idea for my ultimate dream palette came from, using all the palettes I own to design my own ...

HIGHLIGHT - Mac Nylon and Shaaanxo Palette Matte Bone Shade 
Nylon is the most blinding highlight shade ever. Popped on the inner corner, brow bone or tapped into the centre of the lid - this colour is beautiful, nothing quite compares. I also need a matte bone shade in all my looks, to set the primer and to make blending easier.

CREASE/TRANSITION - Shaaanxo Palette - orange, Mac Texture and Urban Decay Faith (Ultimate Basics).
Because I have hooded eyes, I always have to add some definition into the crease regardless. These shades cover everything from warm to neutral. 

LID/SHIMMERS - Mac All That Glitters, Zoeva Liquid Centre (Caramel Melange), Urban Decay Lithium (Moondust), Urban Decay Half Baked (Naked) 
These are my all time favourite lid shades, I love anything high shine and shimmery! These are super pigmented and there's something for every look - a champagne for everyday, a glitter for evenings, a true gold and a warm copper. I love this selection and they are shades I always reach for on the regular. 

DEFINITION - Urban Decay Blackout (Naked 2) and Mac Swiss Chocolate.
Urban Decay do the best black eye shadow ever, it's so pigmented! I also love Swiss Chocolate for adding extra definition to the outer corner. 

GLITTER - Charlotte Tilbury pop shade - The Dolce Vita
This shade is so unique! It's essentially glitter for grown ups and looks beautiful on everyone.

I love my neutrals and whilst I've been trying to experiment more with colour, I can't help but fall back onto shadows I know work well on me. There's something for every occasion in this dream palette!

What shades would you choose?

Olivia x

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