I haven't been shopping much as of late because I had no source of income and was living out of the remains of my student loan. However, I'm back at work and after my first payday I did a spot of spending because I have an addiction and I know, I need help...but it felt so good. 

The first thing I picked up was this Topshop Denim skirt. I feel like denim jeans and skirts never really go 'out of style'. I don't mind spending a bit more on a good quality one that fits nicely because I'll know I can wear it in summer, or throw on some thick tights and some knitwear with it in winter. I love the fit of this one, it's figure hugging but still gives me room to breathe and move, although it is quite short so if I drop something you can bet your ass I ain't picking it up.

Next is this Bardot black crop top from Ebay. I've seen Chiara Ferragni sporting one of these on instagram on a few occasions and I've been after one since, however nowhere seems to be selling them or at least in black - that's usually when I hop on over to Ebay. I actually love this, it's so simple yet looks so good paired with basically anything high-waisted as it just gives a peak of midriff. I love the fact it's long sleeved, I hate my arms and much prefer having them covered. Tempted to pick it up in a white shade too. 

The other bits I've ordered are either beauty related and you'll see them either on the blog or my youtube at some point. I also purchased a baby blue jumper like Olivias off Love Island because I'm obsessed and still not okay with it being over. 

Unfortunately Maisy wasn't around to be my personal photographer this week so I resorted to a tripod and remote aha, hope you didn't mind!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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