I haven't been shopping much as of late because I had no source of income and was living out of the remains of my student loan. However, I'm back at work and after my first payday I did a spot of spending because I have an addiction and I know, I need help...but it felt so good. 

The first thing I picked up was this Topshop Denim skirt. I feel like denim jeans and skirts never really go 'out of style'. I don't mind spending a bit more on a good quality one that fits nicely because I'll know I can wear it in summer, or throw on some thick tights and some knitwear with it in winter. I love the fit of this one, it's figure hugging but still gives me room to breathe and move, although it is quite short so if I drop something you can bet your ass I ain't picking it up.

Next is this Bardot black crop top from Ebay. I've seen Chiara Ferragni sporting one of these on instagram on a few occasions and I've been after one since, however nowhere seems to be selling them or at least in black - that's usually when I hop on over to Ebay. I actually love this, it's so simple yet looks so good paired with basically anything high-waisted as it just gives a peak of midriff. I love the fact it's long sleeved, I hate my arms and much prefer having them covered. Tempted to pick it up in a white shade too. 

The other bits I've ordered are either beauty related and you'll see them either on the blog or my youtube at some point. I also purchased a baby blue jumper like Olivias off Love Island because I'm obsessed and still not okay with it being over. 

Unfortunately Maisy wasn't around to be my personal photographer this week so I resorted to a tripod and remote aha, hope you didn't mind!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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My Favourite Netflix Series

So if I'm not blogging, filming videos or working, you can rest assured knowing there's only one other thing I'm doing with my time - watching Netflix. 

Me and Netflix have been in a strong relationship for a couple of years now and honestly I don't know what I'd do without it in my life (probably be more productive and have an actual life but ha who needs that..) 

Here's a list of all the programmes I love so much I could binge watch them in a day:

My current obsession, I say as I eagerly await the new episode released every Sunday. I got hooked onto this when it was on BBC iplayer and when I found out Netflix had bought it I was over the bloody moon. I honestly forget it's the same actress, Titiana Maslany, playing every single clone. Maslany is an actress who honestly doesn't get enough praise for what she does in this programme. 

Cole Sprouse. That is all.

No I'm kidding the storyline is good too, it's gripping and binge-watch worthy! Unlike Pretty Little Liars,  in this murder mystery the writers have managed to keep the audience engaged and were able to reveal a story line in one season without dragging it on for 7 and creating the biggest let down in the history of tv - yeah I'm still pissed. 

so I like murder programmes. I love how this one flashes forward to the night of the murder whilst we watch the past happen in 'real time'. It's one of those programmes you can't just put on in the background, you're going to need 100% attention. Plus I could honestly watch Viola Davis act for hours on end.

A classic. My favourite series is the Asylum, the only one that left me with nightmares and oh my, Evan Peters in this series wow. 

Guess who's bouncing off the walls at the trailer for series 2? me me me! This received a lot of hype when it first came out and with good reason. It's highly addictive and the child actors are pretty damn good. 

Norman and Norma Bates are creepy af but I can't help but keep watching. There's lots of dark twisted storylines but completely binge-watch worthy.

Finally, a series that doesn't involve murder. I found myself talking in an RP accent as well after binge-watching this. I put off watching for ages because I couldn't imagine a programme about the Queen would be that entertaining but I was wrong and I think I finished this in about a day.

Controversial however I don't think I've ever binge watched a tv series so quickly in my life. Of course, if you are likely to be triggered avoid like the plague but for many this is such an eye opener and a highly addictive watch. 

What are you're favourite series on Netflix?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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#FASHIONFRIDAYS | Styling The Red Skirt

Welcome to week 3 of my #fashionfridays series! If you haven't read the previous posts I will link them at the end of this one.

If you'd have told me 2 years ago that I would be wearing anything other than black I would have laughed in your face, but for some reason this red skirt spoke to me. I know, it's a mini skirt and as I rapidly approach ages where mini skirts are off the agenda I'm going to squeeze as many into my wardrobe as possible. In this post I'm going to show you two ways to style it - for day and for evening.

The shade has been very 'on-trend' this summer but for some, it can be quite difficult to wear. For day time, I'm all about keeping it the focus but balancing out the features - throwing on an over-sized denim jacket, a statement T and some vans. I try to stick with the rule of either legs or chest exposed at any one time, I mean there is no specific rule you do you, but I find this is the trick with making pieces like this work. 

Top- H&M
Skirt - Topshop (don't stock it anymore but similar ones here and here
Jacket - New Look
Shoes - Vans

For the evening, I applied a similar rule as above and had my chest covered with this high cut top. I love the floral embroidery and the flailed sleeves, paired with my embroidered mules. The skirt takes full attention, but the red detailing in the embroidery pulls the whole look together, I think it's nice to have a bit of pattern when rocking a block colour - stops it from looking so in-your-face. I also added some gold earrings featured in my statement earrings post to add a touch of glam. 

Top - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Earrings - Primark

evidently I love a bit of Primark.

Previous posts in my #fashionfridays series -

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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MILLENNIAL PINK - The Beauty Edit.

You're probably used to hearing the phrase 'millennial pink' being thrown about a lot recently. Fashion bloggers have been going putty for it ever since Pantene announced Pale Dogwood as one of their colours for Spring 2017 and designers have been featured the shade in a lot of their SS17 collections. 

It's a shade that's very hard to describe, mainly because it isn't one particular shade. It's on a spectrum of a few shades of pink- from bubblegum, to peachy, to a intense hot pink. I personally see it as a milkshake pink, with hints of peach. 

It verges on the edge of neutral and pairs beautifully with a minimal wardrobe of white, greys and blacks. Of course, wearing pinks on our clothes is not for everyone however sporting the trend through make up is a much easier way of wearing it. 


Eye Shadow - Thanks to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, wearing soft pinks on our eyes couldn't be easier. UD have done all the hard work and you're left with 12 shades of Millennial Pink that can be mixed and matched to create an array of looks from day to night and matte or shimmery. The shades are super flattering for a range of skin tones and eye colours, they look neutral but still a hint of something different.

Highlighter - I am obsessed with MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush. It's a duo chrome soft pink with a gold reflects, swiped over the tops of the cheekbones it captures the light effortlessly. Beautiful for every day and, when applied with a wet brush, can be amped up to full blown blinding.

Blush - The Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks Blusher in the shade Peach Melba has been a staple in my collection for years. This matte shade is the perfect balance of peach and pink and sculpts but adds natural definition to the cheeks. It's completely matte and is ideal for everyday. 

Lips - If the packaging alone doesn't draw you in like magpie for the YSL Rouge Volupte then the colour will. The shade 1 (very creative YSL) is a matte soft nude pink that's super hydrating and full opaque colour in one swipe. It has a lightweight feel with a slightly shiny finish.

If the lipstick is still too much for you pink-phobs, then the Dior Lip Maximizer is right up your street. The pink is very sheer but the glossy finish is very pretty, plus it plumps your lips! what more could you want?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Now it will come to no surprise for anyone when I say I love Benefit make up. I swear by their blushes, I adore Hoola and no one does brows quite like them. 

I'm not usually a clear brow gel kinda girl, I'll religiously wear Gimme Brow day in, day out. However, I'd come to the end of my Gimme Brow and needed an alternative, rummaging through my collection I discovered I'd got Ready, Set, Brow! still in it's box. After giving it a whirl I was instantly impressed, it locked my brows in place all day - like glued them down and not a single hair budged. 

My brow hairs are naturally fair, so I prefer tinted gels over clear ones so it looks like I've actually got hair but this coats each hair and helps them stand out. The brush has two different length bristles - a longer side and a shorter side, ideal for grabbing every individual hair. This would be perfect for anyone with bushy, unruly, cara-esque brows. With my thin, sparse hairs I have to make sure the brush is coated in product so it gets each one. 

What are your brow go-tos?

Ps. Thank you for my sister for being my personal hand model. My nails are a sorry sight and she just had a fresh mani so I figured you'd rather see that than mine!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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#FASHIONFRIDAYS | Gingham Culottes

So I turned 21 on Tuesday and now I'm officially old. I mean I know I'm not but when all your friends are just turning 19, it makes you feel like the oldest biddy going. Anyway, seeing as all my friends are abroad, working or simply live half way across the country, I spent my birthday shopping and then spent the evening with family. 

I picked up four things on my trip - my Olympus Pen E-PL8 aka my newborn child, a NYX eye shadow that you will see in action in Sundays video, a hand mask for my over worked hands and a bloody beautiful pair of gingham culottes from Zara.

As soon as I bought them I knew they had to be featured in this weeks #fashionfridays post. They're definitely a bit 'out there' for me but styled with a simple bodysuit from Topshop that I picked up in the sale a while back and some minimalist strappy sandals - I let the culottes to all the talking.

They have a really nice paper bag waist detailing that be accentuated by the tie-up fabric, which is super flattering. Depending on how you style them, they can be worn both for evenings and day-time -  just throw on a denim jacket and swap the heels for some flat sandals.

You can purchase these gingham culottes - HERE

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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My idea of a hangover cure involves copious amounts of carbs, squash, netflix and my bed. I embrace the puffy, tired, dehydrated face knowing fully well I don't have to see anyone or do anything important. Too Faced created a primer the combat the look of too many late nights and a poor daily intake of H2O - or hangover face, as I call it. 

I don't like a lot of primers because they contain silicone and 1. I hate the texture of silicone and 2. I feel like it clogs my pores and does more harm than good, however the Hangover Primer is silicone-free and I find myself reaching for it everyday.

It's packed full of coconut water for hydration a long with ingredients that help plump the skin and smooth out any lines and texture. It feels more like skincare than make up, but it helps improve the longevity of my foundation acting like a magnet to ensure it stays on my skin. The hydrating, dewy formula means it's certainly not going to keep my make up matte but I love the fresh finish it gives, making me look more alive than I feel.

The Too Faced Hangover Primer is now a staple in my routine!

What's your favourite primer?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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I'm definitely a palette girl, they're compact and have colours already organised to work beautifully together. But if you've watched my videos on my youtube, you'll know that I rarely just use one palette to create a look. This is where the idea for my ultimate dream palette came from, using all the palettes I own to design my own ...

HIGHLIGHT - Mac Nylon and Shaaanxo Palette Matte Bone Shade 
Nylon is the most blinding highlight shade ever. Popped on the inner corner, brow bone or tapped into the centre of the lid - this colour is beautiful, nothing quite compares. I also need a matte bone shade in all my looks, to set the primer and to make blending easier.

CREASE/TRANSITION - Shaaanxo Palette - orange, Mac Texture and Urban Decay Faith (Ultimate Basics).
Because I have hooded eyes, I always have to add some definition into the crease regardless. These shades cover everything from warm to neutral. 

LID/SHIMMERS - Mac All That Glitters, Zoeva Liquid Centre (Caramel Melange), Urban Decay Lithium (Moondust), Urban Decay Half Baked (Naked) 
These are my all time favourite lid shades, I love anything high shine and shimmery! These are super pigmented and there's something for every look - a champagne for everyday, a glitter for evenings, a true gold and a warm copper. I love this selection and they are shades I always reach for on the regular. 

DEFINITION - Urban Decay Blackout (Naked 2) and Mac Swiss Chocolate.
Urban Decay do the best black eye shadow ever, it's so pigmented! I also love Swiss Chocolate for adding extra definition to the outer corner. 

GLITTER - Charlotte Tilbury pop shade - The Dolce Vita
This shade is so unique! It's essentially glitter for grown ups and looks beautiful on everyone.

I love my neutrals and whilst I've been trying to experiment more with colour, I can't help but fall back onto shadows I know work well on me. There's something for every occasion in this dream palette!

What shades would you choose?

Olivia x

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FASHION FRIDAYS | Statement Earrings

Welcome to the first instalment of my new series on deliciously-floral. I love fashion, I've occasionally thrown the odd fashion post on here every now and then but I'm desperate to post about it more often.

Nothing screams statement like a big ol' pair of earrings. Throw em on with a basic T and jeans combination and you've taken something basic from boring to glam. I've rounded up my favourite 5 options for all occasions and varying in statement levels.

FOR THE STATEMENT QUEEN - Turquoise tassels (H&M)
These are a bold statement from the sheer size to the gorgeous shade of turquoise. I love wearing these with a really simple outfit as these need room to shine. This style is making the rounds on instagram and my favourite place to buy them is H&M, they have some stunning styles and you can get a bargain if you hunt through the sale section - these were only £3!

FOR THE MINIMALIST - Silver Hoops (Primark)
They're simple and are certainly a statement when they're worn in a slightly larger size. Paired with a sleek low bun, it takes them from tacky to glam. Primark are your best bet when buying these, I got these silver hoops in part of a pack of 5 in varying sizes for £1.50! They also do them in silver and rose gold. They're a statement without being over-the-top in your face.

FOR THE EDGY - Rose Gold Squares (Primark)
Bored of plain hoops? switch things up with these square beauties. Simple but statement, these look best paired with band T and jeans and messy, beachy curls. 

FOR THE CHIC - Gold Hooped studs (Primark)
I love the rope detail in these earrings paired with the gold they just look so chic on. Ideal if you don't want great big hoops hanging in your ear, but you still want a little summit summit. These have a gorgeous vintage, expensive look despite being £2 from Primark.

FOR THE SHY - Rose Gold Hoops (Topshop)
These are best when you want to dabble in a bit of statement jewellery, but not brave enough to wack out a pair of turquoise tassels. They're also light in the ear and comfortable to wear all day for work and casual looks. Subtle but pretty.

Olivia x

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If I Could Marry One Product...

If I had to marry one make up product it would sure as hell be the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye shadow. 

I regularly open up make up and get excited because I bloody love make up in general, but never have I ever opened a product up and had my heart flutter like I did with this glittery goodness. There's a whole load of hype surrounding this product and I'm just going to state right here - it's worth it!

I'm not sure how Stila have done it but they've managed to encapsulate the magic of a high shine metallic eyeshadow fused with fine glitters for an opaque, long-wearing cream shadow that has zero fall out. 

The finish is beautiful, honestly. 

I own the shade Kitten Karma which is a take on their most popular eye shadow - Kitten. It's a pinky champagne shade with silver and copper glitters. It can be used in a number on ways - across the lid for a statement look, in the inner corner or as an eye liner to name but a few. 

The aim of the game is to own every. single. shade. in this product. It makes working with glitter a whole lot easier and if you haven't swatched it march over to an M&S and prepare to fall in love. 

not sponsored, just one very happy, glitter lovin' lady. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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As soon as Maria informed me there was a Sephora in Greece I legit squealed with excitement. The last time I lost myself in a Sephora was 4 years ago in New York, so by this point I was more than ready to blow all my euros on beauty. 

Unfortunately the majority of brands in the Greek Sephora I can easily get a hold of here in the UK so I was a little disappointed. However, Sephora own brand products get a lot of praise so decided to focus my purchases on there - that and the minis by the tills that suck you in at the last minute. 

The Sephora skincare stand was so satisfying to look at, it has sheet masks for everything - lips, eyes, face, hands & feet. I knew I wanted a sheet mask for the flight home so picked up the Pearl Face Mask for Perfecting and Brightening. I also picked up the overnight mask in the same scent but I used that whilst I was in Greece and couldn't include it in the image. 

Then I picked up the Shea lip sheet mask for protecting and reparing my rather sun damaged, chapped lips, along with a Coconut scented lip balm that smells good enough to eat. The final skincare bit I picked up was a Lotus eye mask for moisturising and soothing.

As for Sephora own brand make up, I opted for another shade in the Cream Lip Stains - shade 05 which is a metallic nude and a liquid liner in the shade no.11 - a black with purple and blue reflects.

Naturally I was sucked in by the minis by the till and picked up the Too Faced Hangover Primer to try and the Becca Glow On The Glow kit which contains minis of their Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal and the pressed powder version. I've been wanting to try the highlighters from Becca for so long and this way I get to try both without spending £30+ on something I might not like. 

The final beauty bit I picked up on the flight home and it's the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Fragrance. Every time this collection is released I always want to purchase the fragrance but never get round to it, this was duty free with an extra 20% off so I couldn't say no! And I'm so glad I didn't it's the perfect summer scent. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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