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So it's been a while. I apparently still haven't mastered this whole multi-tasking/balancing time thing in that Uni has taken over and deliciously-floral has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks. In all honesty it has been killing me, I love taking time out of my day to blog, take pictures, film videos etc. but of course I'm paying £9000 a year to do Musical Theatre so I should probably make that priority.

First week back to uni, we were thrown straight into intensives for our Ensemble Presentation, which was our first performance as a year group with an invited audience. It was a huge learning experience and I'm always so blown away by the talent in my year.

Then, oddly enough, we went back into a week of normal lessons. But all free time was spent on this Stage Management presentation in which we took the play A Midsummer Night's Dream and designed our own concept with set, props, costume and lighting. Whilst I don't intend on taking that module next year, it's been really interesting. 

I am always entering into the ticket lottery for a chance to get discounted front row seats to shows such as Dreamgirls and Kinky Boots and whilst I NEVER win, my friend Maria won the Dreamgirls ones and we ran to the train and literally just made it to the theatre in time. It was an absolutely incredible show, whilst we didn't get to see Amber Riley, I was still mesmerised by the incredible performances on stage. There was a point when they began to sing 'Listen' and I turned to Maria to find we were both sobbing messes! Would 100% suggest getting tickets to see that!

Then there was Summer Ball - the most hyped up, over priced event at uni. There was a couple of fair rides, three members of Union J and Tinchy Strider.  Whilst I loved getting all glammed up prom style it was absolutely freezing. I wish they did it as more of an afternoon into evening event, giving you a chance to actually do everything on offer. But hey, the pictures look cute and my friends definitely scrub up well.

Of course I had to get ill right before our year 2 company auditions. Uni is 100% the germiest place I have ever been to, this counts as my 7th cold/cough since being here. It's meant that in between practising and stage management I've been so drained that even blogging didn't sound appealing.

However, we smashed the stage management presentation and I have officially finished my first year! It has absolutely flown by but I am looking forward to 3 months off. 

Deliciously-floral is back and if there's anything you'd like to see from me on my YouTube let me know in the comments! 

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