I love to treat myself. Like I'm the sort of person who when buying presents for other people, I have to buy one for myself too - any excuse to spend money really. So of course, making it to the end of my first year of university is a good enough excuse as any to go on a little spending spree...

I hopped on a train to Brighton on my own and ended up doing a lot of damage - but hey, I'm off to Greece in a few weeks and was in desperate need of some summer gear okay? The trip also included me finally adding to my 15 pan palette from Mac, the last shade I picked up was Amber Lights and that was nearly a year ago. 

I only intended on picking up one shade but ended walking out with two, naturally the ladies who work in mac are very persuasive. I actually wanted something a bit more 'out there' in terms of colour as I have a fairly neutral range of colours however I'm a creature of habit and never stray to far from the warm orangey hues. 

I ended picking up Antiqued - a rich, warm, smokey copper that looks insane with blue eyes and pairs beautifully with Texture in the crease and Swiss Chocolate smoked out into the outer corner -  two shades I already own. Then she used Nylon in my inner corner and I have no highlight shades in my palette so decided to buy this too. It's a super reflective, shimmery shade that I've used everyday since. 

I desperately want to pick up Copper Sparkle pigment next.

What are your favourite mac shadows?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Preparing us for when the sun does decide to rear it's head Kiko have dropped a collection that you need to accompany you throughout the warmer days. Titled Tropic heat, everything from the shades through to the packaging, it transports you to all the exotic island vibes.

As much as I desperately wanted to purchase the entire collection, I stopped myself at just three; an eyeliner, a highlighter and a dewy stick - which I'm definitely very excited about.

The eye marker is bright blue (shade 03), which sounds pretty terrifying but worn alone for a subtle pop of colour or over the top of a warm browny/orange eyeshadow can look incredible. I've had a tonne of compliments when I've worn this. The fine felt tip nib makes drawing wings a piece of cake and formula is pretty long wearing, it's even survived full days of my weepy hooded eyes!

I wrote this post a while back and when I bought this liner, in the car on the way home, I said to my sisters I should have got the green one. So when I went in the other day I picked up the shade 02 - a mint pastel green and I love it!

Next up is a cream highlighter (shade 02),  this rose gold shimmer is housed in a glass pot with a white lid and feels very luxurious. The formula is hard to describe, it's bouncy, cooling and nothing like anything I've owned before. The finish is very subtle and definitely gives a fresh, dewy finish. It has larger flecks of golden glitter making this highlighter ideal for the evening.

The final product is the Dewy Stick, which I hopped straight onto my insta story to tell the world about because y'all need this in your life. It is a clear, scentless, multi-purpose balm that can be used on the cheekbones for that editorial dewy look, across the eyelids to for a on-trend glossy lid or across the lips of a transparent sheen. I love playing around with this to achieve different effects, let me know if you would like to see it in action by leaving me a comment on my latest youtube video.

Did you manage to pick anything up from the Tropic Heat collection?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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oh, darling.

Have you ever spotted something so beautiful in a shop that there was no way in hell you were walking out without it? this was one of those moments, sorry bank account but my face needs this.

I'm talking, of course, the newly added permanent member of the Mineralized Skin Finish range by Mac in the shade Oh, Darling. I've spoken about two other shades from this gorgeous range before - Beaming Blush and Soft Frost  so I already knew I was going to adore the everything about this.

Oh, Darling is a true gold shimmer that looks all kinds of sun kissed when swept across the top of the cheekbones and over any other highlight points of the face. This pairs beautifully with any bronze make up look and has got a tonne of wear out of it since I purchased it. 

It even looks stunning when I haven't fake tanned, initially I was concerned it was too warm for my pale complexion but that is not an issue. I also love sweeping this across my collar bones, shoulders and down the front of my legs so an all over goddess glow.

what's your favourite highlighter?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Lets Catch Up...

So it's been a while. I apparently still haven't mastered this whole multi-tasking/balancing time thing in that Uni has taken over and deliciously-floral has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks. In all honesty it has been killing me, I love taking time out of my day to blog, take pictures, film videos etc. but of course I'm paying £9000 a year to do Musical Theatre so I should probably make that priority.

First week back to uni, we were thrown straight into intensives for our Ensemble Presentation, which was our first performance as a year group with an invited audience. It was a huge learning experience and I'm always so blown away by the talent in my year.

Then, oddly enough, we went back into a week of normal lessons. But all free time was spent on this Stage Management presentation in which we took the play A Midsummer Night's Dream and designed our own concept with set, props, costume and lighting. Whilst I don't intend on taking that module next year, it's been really interesting. 

I am always entering into the ticket lottery for a chance to get discounted front row seats to shows such as Dreamgirls and Kinky Boots and whilst I NEVER win, my friend Maria won the Dreamgirls ones and we ran to the train and literally just made it to the theatre in time. It was an absolutely incredible show, whilst we didn't get to see Amber Riley, I was still mesmerised by the incredible performances on stage. There was a point when they began to sing 'Listen' and I turned to Maria to find we were both sobbing messes! Would 100% suggest getting tickets to see that!

Then there was Summer Ball - the most hyped up, over priced event at uni. There was a couple of fair rides, three members of Union J and Tinchy Strider.  Whilst I loved getting all glammed up prom style it was absolutely freezing. I wish they did it as more of an afternoon into evening event, giving you a chance to actually do everything on offer. But hey, the pictures look cute and my friends definitely scrub up well.

Of course I had to get ill right before our year 2 company auditions. Uni is 100% the germiest place I have ever been to, this counts as my 7th cold/cough since being here. It's meant that in between practising and stage management I've been so drained that even blogging didn't sound appealing.

However, we smashed the stage management presentation and I have officially finished my first year! It has absolutely flown by but I am looking forward to 3 months off. 

Deliciously-floral is back and if there's anything you'd like to see from me on my YouTube let me know in the comments! 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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