If you'd have told me this time last year that I'd be loving a lipgloss, I'd have laughed in your face. I have fond memories of wearing lipgloss over a lipstick when I was younger, I'd have a selection from the Avon kiddy bit and all of them made my throat itch but I wore them religiously none-the-less. 

I'm all about making my lips look bigger, especially my top lip which practically disappears when I smile. I over draw my lips on the daily people. As much as I love the idea of a plumping gloss, the last one I tried was intense af - Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Plucker I'm looking at you, I genuinely thought my lips were burning off!

Despite all that, the Dior Lip Maximizer had been in my wish lists on about 3 different websites for over a year. I'd seen a lot of bloggers rave about it and I thought a brand as luxurious as Dior had turned lipgloss from a childhood obsession into something much more sophisticated. 

The Dior gloss is a sheer, soft pink shade that promises to plump and hydrate with it's collagen-enriched formula. Everything down to the packaging is luxurious, the simplistic clear bottle with silver detailing stands out in my make up bag. I've been wearing this daily, the plumping sensation is not too overwhelming but still does the job and it's quite a thick formula so hangs around on the lips for a while. It can be worn on it's own or over the top of your favourite lipstick. 

It also doesn't have the horrid mint smell that a lot of plumping products do, it's more of a subtle vanilla that doesn't irritate my throat. 

I feel like as popular as liquid lipsticks still are, we're moving into a gloss era with lipstick toppers coming out here there and everywhere. This product is one you definitely need in your lives. 

It's £23.50 - a hefty price tag, but hey it's Dior. I managed to snag this using my Boots points that I had been saving up for a while.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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