It's full coverage or nothing with me when it comes to foundations. Perhaps it's through years and years of suffering with acne and absolutely hating my skin that has meant I could never feel comfortable in anything less. I mean I've tried a light coverage with spot concealing but I have so much scarring and discolouration I've accepted that it will never be an option for me.

I've recently been adoring the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation however I was rapidly going through the bottle I was gifted at Christmas and as a student, there's no way I can afford to repurchase that very often. I was after something more affordable so thank goodness L'oreal launched their Infallible Total Cover full coverage, longwear foundation - wow that's a mouthful. By no means is it similar in anyway to the Charlotte Tilbury though, the wear, formula and finish are very different. 

It comes in the signature squeezy tube they've been using to house their infallible range, which is ideal because I can't imagine dispensing this product any other way. It has a thick mousse-ey texture that sits as one giant blob in the tube - honestly, you can here it move as one when you shake it. Think Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse but developed and improved by about 1000%.

L'oreal aren't fooling around when they say it's full coverage. When I first applied this I was blown away at how flawless my skin looked; there was not a single pore in sight. I still needed concealing on my blemishes but as for scarring and discolouration? covered and evened out. The trick is not to bounce or buff this product into the skin but rather to smear/swipe - sounds terrifying to anyone not comfortable with the idea of wearing a lot of make up, but hey you bought a full coverage foundation for it to be full coverage though, am I right? It's designed with Camo Stretch Technology which means it is designed to be easy to spread to get an even coat all over. I simply use a classic flat foundation brush to smear it around my face and blend it all in by swiping my beauty blender over it.

I wanted to point out however, due to it's matte mousse-like texture make sure your skin is well moisturised before application. It will, without a doubt, cling to any dry patches like there is no tomorrow. 

If you're big on full coverage I would definitely suggest having a try of this drugstore gem and hey, if you're a student like me you can get 10% off it at Superdrug. I have the shade 10 Porcelain, the second lightest which I feel like is slightly too light for me nothing a bit of Benefit Hoola can't fix though. 

What's your favourite full coverage foundation?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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