Much like my skin, my scalp gets put through its paces as a result of my beauty obsession. If I get too much product build up or if I get stressed my scalp becomes itchy to the point where it bleeds. My usual shampoo doesn't cut the mustard so the Superbalm from Lush looked perfect.

It's a tiny pot that is filled with coconut, lavender and other essential oils mixed with Candelliia and rose wax. When warmed by your skin they melt into an oil that you massage onto your scalp and it essentially dissolves the build up. I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes before I wash my hair depending on how bad it is and then wash it out with my usual shampoo. 

It completely eradicates the build up leaving my scalp clean but not stripped of moisture. You only need a small amount so the 45g pot is lasting me a fair while despite using it once a week. 

I'd never heard of it before I had a nosey at their haircare products, it's perfect for anyone who uses hairspray a lot - basically every time I have a ballet class I have to use about half a can on it, or texturising products as they tend to leave a bit of residue behind.

You can by Superbalm - here 
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