I like to experiment a lot when it comes to my make-up, rarely do I wear the same eye shadow look 2 days in a row. Unfortunately it means my brushes get dirty so quickly and the long-winded process of cleaning my brushes never sounds appealing. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted about trying Shadow Switch.

Shadow Switch is a dry brush make-up cleaner, so unlike the conventional brush cleaner this contains no liquids and no foul fragrance. It's essentially a dry sponge in a pot that you swirl your brushes around in to remove powders (note: it doesn't work with cream products).

Of course this isn't a deep clean for your brushes by any means, it simply removes any previous eye shadow from the brush so you can go straight in with another shade. It's so convenient when you don't have time to fully wash your brushes but you want to play around with another shade without it getting residue from the previous shade.

It's also super affordable - £5.99 to be exact. When the sponge itself becomes dirty you can simply wash it with warm water and soap, leave it to dry and it's as good as new!

Beauty Essentials are a brand specialising in creative beauty tools such as Shadow Switch - which is already available now on Amazon, however they are soon rolling out some new innovative products in Sephora which is pretty exciting! Whilst amazon stocks the product with the old packaging it will soon be relaunched with the new packaging seen below.

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