I love the thought of liquid lipsticks, but not a massive fan of the ones I already own. I think they're great and all, but the lasting power isn't overly fab and the drying sensation is definitely not pleasant. 

However, Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks have been on my radar for a while now, but much like the Kylie Lip kits I refused to order anything that has a risk of customs charges - hell to the no. Thankfully, my favourite online beauty store now stock a selection of products and seeing as I was battling freshers flu, I treated myself to the shade Celebrity Skin. 

The shade is described as a soft brown nude, with peachy undertones. I find these colours so easy to throw on for every day and go with basically every look. The formula applies evenly and takes about a minute to fully dry down. It doesn't feel uncomfortable or overly drying, but it's definitely not weightless you can still tell you're wearing a liquid lipstick. Longevity is good, it does say avoid eating oily food as that can break down the product but through eating and drinking it manages to stick around pretty well. 

Like most Jeffree Star products, the packaging is bright pink with the iconic rose gold stars. I love the fact you can see the product in the tube but the colour is kept mostly to the lid, making it easy to pull out of your collection. The want is slightly different to anything I've used before, its cut like a lipstick bullet to essentially hug the lip giving an even application of pigment. It also clicks shut which is very satisfying, I know it's definitely fully done up and isn't going to dry out or leak everywhere.

My only nag is the scent. It's absolutely vile, I'm not even sure what it's meant to be, something sweet probably but all I can say is thank god the smell disappears when the product dries because its nasty. 
Have you tried any of Jeffree Star's products before?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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