Theres 3 things that I look for in a foundation: 1. Coverage - it actually has to do something 2. Lasting power - I'm not spending money on something that lasts 30 seconds on the skin and 3. Finish - looking like an oil slick is not my cup of tea, on the other hand being a matte cakey mess isn't either. When I read the stupid amount of hype towards the Ultra HD foundation it went straight to the top of my wishlist and asked my sister to get me a voucher for Debenhams for my birthday so I could try it. 

The first thing I noticed was the coverage or the lack of, shall I say. I had it down as a bit more of a fuller coverage foundation, that promised to give a 'flawless finish' however for me it does very little in the way of covering. Of course we have to bear in mind I suffer with acne and I'm subconsciously looking for miracles but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. It's definitely sheer to medium and if I want any scaring or redness to be evened out I have to either go in with a couple more layers or rely on something with more coverage - e.g Vichy Dermablend. 

For application I've tried with both a damp beauty blender and a flat top kabuki and I much prefer the brush option, it allows me to get a bit more coverage. 

It does however, look virtually undetectable on the skin which of course is the most hyped thing about it. The Ultra HD part suggests it should be invisible even when using 4K cameras etc. keeping your skin looking like skin although I don't own a 4K camera so I can't vouch for that bit.  It doesn't contain SPF either making it a perfect night out/event base - as long as you have somewhat good skin...

The finish is definitely not matte but isn't dewy, it sits comfortably in a satin finish however a quick heads up to my fellow oily skinned gals, you're going to need to powder this throughout the day. Particularly down the T-Zone I found myself getting more and more glossy. I've only been testing this since mid-July so the summer heat may have had some contribution to the oily situation, I will give an update for the coming Autumn/Winter seasons. 

It doesn't cling to uneven skin texture, but throughout the day I do find it collecting around the usual places - nose, smile lines etc. So as long as I touch up with powder I'm good and I can improve the longevity. 

It's not a bad foundation by any means but it definitely didn't live up to my expectations. Although, I think the Ultra HD Stick might be more suitable to me, offering a medium to full coverage, something the liquid version definitely lacks. 

Have you tried the Ultra HD foundation? What are your thoughts?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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