I mentioned in my KA-Brow post that I was intrigued by Benefit's Brow Collection from the minute it launched, particularly having my sights set on the Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

This pencil has a twist up mechanism meaning no wasted product through sharpening, which is always good with me. On one end you have the tiny nip of product and the other a spoolie, both cased in the stunning silver packaging that is seen throughout the collection. 

The size means you can easily replicate natural brow hairs, making this product a necessity for people with sparse brows or have obvious gaps as it fills them in with such ease. It's not amazingly pigmented, for some thats an absolute no go, but when it comes to brows I think less is definitely more and the lack of pigmentation here really helps to avoid going overboard with product. Of course if you wanted more pigment, you simply apply more pressure when applying the product. 

I prefer going in with a light hand with light, hairlike strokes, this way I achieve a fuller fluffier brow that looks natural yet defined. The colour match is also perfect, I use the shade 2 across the range - this is a perfect taupe shade, with a good balance of warm and cool tones. There's a shade for everyone in this collection and I love that if you know you're a say a 2 in one product, you know you'll definitely be a 2 across everything.

Yet again, Benefit continue to impress me. From the fun, quirky packaging to their excellent customer service, Benefit will always be a brand I go back to time and time again. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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