This beautiful palette has been gracing my face just about every single day since I purchased it way back in July. After being pretty skeptical about the hype surrounding zoeva, I was pleased to see Selfridges London stocked a small selection of their brushes and palettes. Anything rose gold I am instantly drawn to so it's no surprise that I purchased the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette.

The compact cardboard palette contains 10 shadows - 3 buttery Mattes and 7 stunning metallic shimmers all based around rose gold tones. Priced at just £18, I'm surprised that the formula rivals some of my Urban decay palettes which cost nearly twice the price. 

There is however a slight variation in formula, the matte shades are no where near as pigmented as the shimmers, particularly the shade Harmony, but that seems to be the case with lots of brands. The mattes can be built up easily though to achieve the desired intensity. 

Lets take a look at the actual shades shall we?

I'm sorry but if you're not drooling over those shades then we can't be friends. I'm just kidding, but those colours are simply stunning and have got me pining over every other palette Zoeva have to offer.

You get a pretty decent size pan per shadow so you definitely get your moneys worth. If I could improve I would certainly add some more highlight shades, I feel like it's definitely lacking that department. Foil and Reflective Elegance are quite similar they could easily have switched one out for a lighter shade. But other than that, it's simply faultless!

Have you tried anything from Zoevas make-up range? 

Liv // deliciously-floral

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