I love anything with rose gold, along with the majority of the blogging world I know I know. But when Zoeva launched those photogenic rose gold brushes I discovered what true love felt like. Then I saw the price tag that came along with it and my heart broke - it was a traumatic couple of hours. 

Whilst on a recent browse of Makeupsavvy for her eBay bargains, she had compiled a set of Rose Gold Brush sets for under £6! I saw this set was only £4.84 I clicked pay faster than you can say rose gold. 

Visually they are very similar to Zoeva, only with slightly shorter handles. However the handles are wood with the pink painted over the top and by the time they had reached me the paint had already scratched off but for the price I'm not surprised. 

I only have four eye brushes from Zoeva but the quality difference between them and the dupes is very obvious - the blending brush, for example, being scratchy, more like a mac 217. However, they are good brushes. The flat top kabuki style brush is incredible at buffing in foundation and giving a flawless finish in seconds and I have been using the powder brush to apply bronzer and powder and have been loving the finish. But if you're looking for high quality brushes then you're expecting to have to pay a little bit more.

For just under £5 I have 8 brushes that all serve a purpose, there isn't one in there that I wouldn't use and I havent experienced shredding with any of them. Plus they look gorgeous on top of my collection.

I think these would make a great starter set for anyone just getting into make-up or anyone on a budget!

You can buy them here - Zoeva Dupes

Liv // deliciously-floral

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