Before now, I could never understand lipliner. I hadn't discovered it's transformative powers and relied on blending my lipstick to achieve a fuller lip look. That was until I purchased the Topshop Lip Contour in the Outline shade. 

I mentioned it in my July favourites and am already on my second one after purchasing it at the beginning of June (and I've got a back-up ready and waiting). It's a creamy lipliner, that lasts a stupidly long time. The main reason why I love it? it's so close to my natural lip colour that I can pair it with every lipstick and I can over draw my lips without it looking un-natural. 

It's a twist up pencil so no sharpening required, however there is no 'sharpener' so once you have worn down the original shape it's not as precise but it's still fairly easy to use. 

There is also another shade that is slightly more brown, great for all lip colours.

What's your favourite lip liner?

Liv // Deliciously-floral

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