I don't know about you but I'm a creature of habit and when it comes to things I like, I rarely branch out of my comfort zone. This puts me in a tricky situation when it comes to blogging, I have to balance what I love with what my readers will love, whilst remaining authentic and honest. It's easy to slip into the same old routine, with an ever changing industry it's hard to keep up. Here's a few ways that keep me inspired.

- Add some colour!
No I'm not talking about that neutral palette with the burnt orange shades that everyone and their dog is talking about *zzz* I'm talking about branching out to purples, blues, greens. I was feeling a bit meh about my YouTube channel, every video began to merge into one until I came across an image of a blue/green make-up that looked completely wearable. I was completely inspired to create my own, using a method that I wasn't used to. It doesn't have to be a whole look, add a touch of coloured liner, smudge some along the lower lash line or simply throw on that red lipstick you've had collecting dust in your make-up collection. Whatever it is, play around there are endless possibilities and absolutely no rules, so why stick with the same thing? the more creative, the better.

- Snapchat
The world has gone snapchat crazy! I can see why though, it's easy to navigate and a great way to engage with your readers. If you're too scared or don't have the budget to extend your blog to a youtube channel, snapchat is a fabulous stepping stone. You can 'vlog' your day, give viewers an insight into your make-up routine and my favourite thing - snapchat hauls, I tell you I can watch unboxing and snapchat hauls all day. It's a real time, unedited (unless you add a filter, which I am partial to especially that blurring one - what a life saver) and raw you. No body expects you to snap first thing in the morning with full face and your hair all flawless. It's a lot less pressure and everyone celebrates you being you. And if you have pets, well thats just a bonus  - people love a good cat-snap.

I find snapchat gives me a tonne of inspiration and watching other blogger gals doing their thing makes me want to get my butt in gear all the time!

- Go shopping*
*but don't spend any money (well you can if you like). Look round the stores at what trends are arising, bomber jackets are everywhere - if you already own one how would you style it? if you don't what are your favourite styles you've seen? Same with beauty, if you see specific colours coming into trend look into your own collection and create a look using that trend as inspiration or how would you wear that lipstick shade, what eye shadow look would you pair it with? So many ideas for posts with out spending a single penny.
Or how about taking inspiration from the people people around you whilst out shopping, what trends are people loving with both make-up and fashion. If someone has a cool up-do going on, try and re-create it. I love people watching, even better when I can use it to enhance my blog.

- Pinterest
If you don't already have a pinterest account - GET YOUR BUTT ON THERE! It's endless and I mean endless, amounts of inspiration. Whether it be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food - you name it and you'll find a collection of images that link to websites making it my ultimate source when I'm lacking in the creativity department.

Of course you can always just resort to those '50 blog post ideas' posts, but don't rely on them. Use your imagination, mix things up. Throw something new into the works and the ideas will keep flowing.

What are your go-to tips to keep inspired?

Liv // deliciously-floral

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