Wandering across to a mac counter can be a little overwhelming sometimes  all of the time. Usually it's swarmed with customers and the sheer range of products available make it difficult to know where to start. Well don't you worry, whether you're a mac newbie or you're looking for some new additions to add to your collection; I've got 3 products I think you need in your life.

I'm a lipstick junkie. Having tried and tested a lot of formulas from a bunch of different brands, I always find myself drawn back to my mac lipsticks - particularly Velvet Teddy. This gorgeous brown toned nude adds the perfect amount of warmth to my lips and looks great paired with just about every make-up look. Mac's iconic matte formula means this product not only has incredible pigmentation but also has fab lasting power.

If I could only wear one eye shadow for the rest of my life; it would be this. This warm bronze shadow can be sheered out for an every day one wash eye shadow look, or packed on to give an almost wet-look sheen to the lid. It's one of those complex shades that when blended out all over the lid and into the crease it looks as if you're wearing more than one shadow. It's beautifully pigmented and has a gorgeous buttery formula and looks stunning on an array of different skin tones.

I bought this blush whilst in New York, shopping in Bloomingdales - so already it holds a special place in my heart.  However the colour itself is so versatile; it's a warm mauvey pink with a gold shimmer running throughout. Washed across the cheeks it adds the perfect amount of warmth and glow to perk up the skin. This shade pairs well with so many different make-up looks which is why I reach for it so often.

If you could only use one mac item what would it be?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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This beautiful palette has been gracing my face just about every single day since I purchased it way back in July. After being pretty skeptical about the hype surrounding zoeva, I was pleased to see Selfridges London stocked a small selection of their brushes and palettes. Anything rose gold I am instantly drawn to so it's no surprise that I purchased the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette.

The compact cardboard palette contains 10 shadows - 3 buttery Mattes and 7 stunning metallic shimmers all based around rose gold tones. Priced at just £18, I'm surprised that the formula rivals some of my Urban decay palettes which cost nearly twice the price. 

There is however a slight variation in formula, the matte shades are no where near as pigmented as the shimmers, particularly the shade Harmony, but that seems to be the case with lots of brands. The mattes can be built up easily though to achieve the desired intensity. 

Lets take a look at the actual shades shall we?

I'm sorry but if you're not drooling over those shades then we can't be friends. I'm just kidding, but those colours are simply stunning and have got me pining over every other palette Zoeva have to offer.

You get a pretty decent size pan per shadow so you definitely get your moneys worth. If I could improve I would certainly add some more highlight shades, I feel like it's definitely lacking that department. Foil and Reflective Elegance are quite similar they could easily have switched one out for a lighter shade. But other than that, it's simply faultless!

Have you tried anything from Zoevas make-up range? 

Liv // deliciously-floral

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon - Intoxicating Violet

I've always loved playing with colour when it comes to make-up, so when I saw this stunning shade was on offer for 30% on the Charlotte Tilbury website I leapt at the opportunity to take this home and add it to my collection.

Cased in CT's classic burgundy packaging with rose gold details, this pencil is designed to enhance different eye colours - this shade in particular is supposed to make hazel eyes pop. However, this colour is so striking it's going to look incredible on everyone who wears it. 

It's a deep purple with violet reflects and looks all kinds of incredible on the eyes. I've wore this in my July Favourites and I've had so many comments about how mesmerising it is. The formula is lovely, it's creamy and super bendable but once it has set? that is it, there is no going back. 

I love eyes shadow pencils because they're so easy to throw on and go, making them great for traveling as well as the make-up newbie who want's to experiment but doesn't own 80,000 different eye shadows. 

The only thing I dislike is the lid, it doesn't fully close and is prone to falling off, it's as if the air gets trapped in it. It needs a 'click' closure (how technical liv) so you know its secure because you don't want this drying out after spending the hefty price tag of £19. Also, because it's a pencil, a lot of product is wasted during the sharpening process, would rather it was a twist up.

What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?

Liv // deliciously-floral


I love anything with rose gold, along with the majority of the blogging world I know I know. But when Zoeva launched those photogenic rose gold brushes I discovered what true love felt like. Then I saw the price tag that came along with it and my heart broke - it was a traumatic couple of hours. 

Whilst on a recent browse of Makeupsavvy for her eBay bargains, she had compiled a set of Rose Gold Brush sets for under £6! I saw this set was only £4.84 I clicked pay faster than you can say rose gold. 

Visually they are very similar to Zoeva, only with slightly shorter handles. However the handles are wood with the pink painted over the top and by the time they had reached me the paint had already scratched off but for the price I'm not surprised. 

I only have four eye brushes from Zoeva but the quality difference between them and the dupes is very obvious - the blending brush, for example, being scratchy, more like a mac 217. However, they are good brushes. The flat top kabuki style brush is incredible at buffing in foundation and giving a flawless finish in seconds and I have been using the powder brush to apply bronzer and powder and have been loving the finish. But if you're looking for high quality brushes then you're expecting to have to pay a little bit more.

For just under £5 I have 8 brushes that all serve a purpose, there isn't one in there that I wouldn't use and I havent experienced shredding with any of them. Plus they look gorgeous on top of my collection.

I think these would make a great starter set for anyone just getting into make-up or anyone on a budget!

You can buy them here - Zoeva Dupes

Liv // deliciously-floral



Before now, I could never understand lipliner. I hadn't discovered it's transformative powers and relied on blending my lipstick to achieve a fuller lip look. That was until I purchased the Topshop Lip Contour in the Outline shade. 

I mentioned it in my July favourites and am already on my second one after purchasing it at the beginning of June (and I've got a back-up ready and waiting). It's a creamy lipliner, that lasts a stupidly long time. The main reason why I love it? it's so close to my natural lip colour that I can pair it with every lipstick and I can over draw my lips without it looking un-natural. 

It's a twist up pencil so no sharpening required, however there is no 'sharpener' so once you have worn down the original shape it's not as precise but it's still fairly easy to use. 

There is also another shade that is slightly more brown, great for all lip colours.

What's your favourite lip liner?

Liv // Deliciously-floral



I've had my eye on this beauty ever since the lovely Really Ree posted about it way back in June,  I saw the sparkle and new I had to have it. I love Urban Decay shadows and I'm forever swatching the Moondust range every time I wander near a counter so when Urban Decay said they were launching a palette with them all in - I freaked. 

Let's start with the packaging; it's absolutely beautiful. It's a gunmetal glitter with  'Moondust' carved out with a mirror finish. The best part? it has a magnetic closure - honestly the most satisfying thing ever. Inside there is a huge mirror and 8 pans of sparkly eye shadow. 

Specter - soft pink with dark pink reflects.
the least pigmented, but great for inner corner highlighting and patting over the centre of the lid for a pop of shimmer. 

Element - Duo chrome warm orange with red reflects.
a fiery shade that looks orange in some lights and a deep red in others. It's completely unique and I've never seen anything like it before.

Magnetic - a frosty purple with blue reflects.
for all of the Queen Elsa vibes. I thought this would be a dupe of Topshop Wax and Wayne but they are completely different, the UD offering is much more of a purple eye shadow than a shadow topper.

Lightyear- A green with green reflects
One of the more pigmented shades however it's probably one of the least wearable for everyday. 

Granite - a deep grey with silver reflects
This would look incredible paired with a dark smokey eye, worn across the lid paired with some fluttery lashes and a nude lip. 

Lithium - a cool bronze with silver and gold reflects.
This is Granites brown sister, although it would also look gorgeous worn alone with a soft matte shade blended through the crease. 

Vega - Navy Blue with light blue reflects
This again is a beautiful shade but not the most wearable. Although I'd imagine this looks amazing paired with the deep blue/gunmetal shades from the Naked Palette.

Galaxy - a dark grey with teal, blue and silver reflects
This is the shadow I was initially drawn to from this palette, it's absolutely stunning and looks amazing against my dark blue eyes. 

These shadows have a lot of fallout, so I would suggest applying your eye make-up before your base when using this. I am also a little gutted that the pigmentation varies so much throughout. However, it goes without saying, this palette is utterly beautiful and will be getting a whole lot of love from me.

Want to see the palette in action? - Moondust Tutorial 

Olivia // DF

The Drugstore Contour Palette You Need

Contouring is life. Like honestly, I don't remember what my life was like before I'd discovered the transformative powers of a sculpting shade under the cheekbones.

Whilst I love the ease of using the Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick  for everyday, it's just not intense enough for evenings/events (for me anyway). This is where the Sleek Cream Contour Kit comes into play. It houses 6 shades - 3 highlight and 3 contour, all in a super creamy and an easy-to-blend formula. Although the packaging says it contains 2 highlights and 4 contours - but no way is 03 going to do anything for you in the sculpting department unless you're 'Casper the ghost' kinda pale.

01 - a light yellow, perfect for brightening up underneath the eyes.
02 - a pink toned pale matte highlight.
03 - a more warm toned matte highlight.

04 - a light warm brown, great for warming up the skin.
05 - a mid-toned brown for a subtle contour.
06 - a deep ashy brown for a strong defined contour.

The packaging has the usual sleek design - matte black, which unfortunately does get dirty very quickly. But it feels extremely sturdy and contains a huge mirror which is a bonus!

Sleek rarely let me down, like most of their products this has a luxury finish with a very affordable price tag and is definitely worth checking out if you're after some good cream contouring shades and aren't ready to fork out £30-odd quick on the Anastasia ones.

Olivia // DF


I don't know about you but I'm a creature of habit and when it comes to things I like, I rarely branch out of my comfort zone. This puts me in a tricky situation when it comes to blogging, I have to balance what I love with what my readers will love, whilst remaining authentic and honest. It's easy to slip into the same old routine, with an ever changing industry it's hard to keep up. Here's a few ways that keep me inspired.

- Add some colour!
No I'm not talking about that neutral palette with the burnt orange shades that everyone and their dog is talking about *zzz* I'm talking about branching out to purples, blues, greens. I was feeling a bit meh about my YouTube channel, every video began to merge into one until I came across an image of a blue/green make-up that looked completely wearable. I was completely inspired to create my own, using a method that I wasn't used to. It doesn't have to be a whole look, add a touch of coloured liner, smudge some along the lower lash line or simply throw on that red lipstick you've had collecting dust in your make-up collection. Whatever it is, play around there are endless possibilities and absolutely no rules, so why stick with the same thing? the more creative, the better.

- Snapchat
The world has gone snapchat crazy! I can see why though, it's easy to navigate and a great way to engage with your readers. If you're too scared or don't have the budget to extend your blog to a youtube channel, snapchat is a fabulous stepping stone. You can 'vlog' your day, give viewers an insight into your make-up routine and my favourite thing - snapchat hauls, I tell you I can watch unboxing and snapchat hauls all day. It's a real time, unedited (unless you add a filter, which I am partial to especially that blurring one - what a life saver) and raw you. No body expects you to snap first thing in the morning with full face and your hair all flawless. It's a lot less pressure and everyone celebrates you being you. And if you have pets, well thats just a bonus  - people love a good cat-snap.

I find snapchat gives me a tonne of inspiration and watching other blogger gals doing their thing makes me want to get my butt in gear all the time!

- Go shopping*
*but don't spend any money (well you can if you like). Look round the stores at what trends are arising, bomber jackets are everywhere - if you already own one how would you style it? if you don't what are your favourite styles you've seen? Same with beauty, if you see specific colours coming into trend look into your own collection and create a look using that trend as inspiration or how would you wear that lipstick shade, what eye shadow look would you pair it with? So many ideas for posts with out spending a single penny.
Or how about taking inspiration from the people people around you whilst out shopping, what trends are people loving with both make-up and fashion. If someone has a cool up-do going on, try and re-create it. I love people watching, even better when I can use it to enhance my blog.

- Pinterest
If you don't already have a pinterest account - GET YOUR BUTT ON THERE! It's endless and I mean endless, amounts of inspiration. Whether it be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food - you name it and you'll find a collection of images that link to websites making it my ultimate source when I'm lacking in the creativity department.

Of course you can always just resort to those '50 blog post ideas' posts, but don't rely on them. Use your imagination, mix things up. Throw something new into the works and the ideas will keep flowing.

What are your go-to tips to keep inspired?

Liv // deliciously-floral

Top 5 Blending Brushes

Good brushes can make or break a look, end of story. Gearing yourself up with the best quality brushes but also not breaking the bank is essential and is what I'm always on the hunt for. 

If you've seen my London/Birthday Haul on my YouTube, then you would have seen that I picked up four Zoeva Brushes and already I can't live without them! They're luxury quality at an affordable price, I can see why they get so much hype - hence why they take up 4/5 of the spaces.

1. Zoeva 224 / Luxe Defined Crease
Starting with my absolute favourite of the lot, this brush doesn't look like much but makes light work of blending, giving that soft diffused look. Ideal for transition shades and final blending.

2. Zoeva 228 / Luxe Crease
This tear drop shaped blending brush fits beautifully in the crease, the longer brushes pack the colour and the shorter hairs diffuse the edges. It's flexible and fluffy and is great when you haven't got enough time to faff about with blending.

3. Zoeva 231 / Luxe Petit Crease
This is shorter and much more dense than the 228, ideal for cut creases where you want the placement to be more concentrated. Again, this fits beautifully in the socket.

4. Crown Brush C441 Pro Blending Crease 
This is the 228 bigger sister, it's still affordable but definitely doesn't compromise on quality. Ive had this one for a while now and it doesn't shed and hasn't lost it's shape. I use this to dust on a bone shade all over the lid to the brow bone, it diffuses the colour evenly. 

5. Zoeva 230 / Luxe Pencil 
Lets not forget about the lower lash line, this pencil brush fits beautifully under the lower lashes to blend colour out. It's size gives you full control over the placement for a really polished finish.

What are your favourite brushes?

Liv / Deliciously-floral