If you're lucky enough to have a boots with a NYX counter, you will understand what I mean when I say it looks as if it's been ransacked. I went into a london boots when I went to see Book of Mormon and was utterly disappointed to find all that was left were a couple of coloured eyeliners and some butter glosses. However near the tills they had stocked some little bowls with NYX products and I decided to pick up the HD Finishing Powder.

This finely milled powder is white in the pan, but is completely translucent upon application and it glides over the skin giving an almost airbrushed effect. It makes light work of filling in pores and claims to have a similar effect with fine lines - great for all ages.

In terms of longevity, it has a task to battle shine on my oily skin. Within about an hour of application I can see the shine peeping through although most things are having trouble sticking around in this heat - thank goodness for the Nivea after shave balm.

I think this powder would be perfect for anyone with normal/combination or even dry skin, with a light dusting of this down the centre of the face to set the make-up. If you're not worried about shine and more about setting and banishing pores then this is a perfect affordable option. NYX products are also cruelty free!

If I could improve it, I would add a mirror to the packaging so I could throw it in my handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Liv x

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