If I had three wishes, one of them would be that chocolate had no calories. I would eat infinite amounts and not gain a single pound or spot and live happily ever after. However I'm no diamond in the ruff and the chances of me finding a magical cave and rubbing a lamp containing a genie that grants me three wishes, are non-existent. 

( I've been to see Aladdin the musical recently, can you tell?) 

I've resorted to my next favourite thing - make-up, to give me that guilt free chocolate fix. I've been hesitant to try anything else from Too Faced since I was so let down by their mascara after falling for the hype, but their liquid lipsticks looked so unique and hey, it smells like chocolate so even if it was shit... chocolate is life. 

Initially, I went in with my heart set on Chocolate Milkshake after Lucy and Lydia's constant raving, but after swatching it I felt as if it was too peachy. I wanted a completely true brown that didn't pull peachy or pinky. The next darkest shade, Chocolate Honey, ticked all the boxes so I couldn't say no.

Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this doesn't start off creamy and set matte, this goes on as a matte cream and stays the same consistency - basically, it doesn't set and as a result is not transfer-proof. However it is long wearing, even through eating and drinking, the pigment is still visible on my lips. If you're a perfectionist you might want to touch up, but I didn't feel it needs it. It also means it doesn't suck all the moisture out of your lips, it's not hydrating by any means but isn't uncomfortable either.

I love the packaging also, the sponge like tip feels strangely nice on the lips and helps diffuse the colour easily and being able to squeeze the product out gives me a lot of control. 

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Chocolate Honey (28/07/2016 - these are currently on 10% off!!) 

Have you tried the Too Faced Melted Liquified Longwear Lipstick? what other colours would you suggest picking up?

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