My jaw literally dropped when I saw the images of Benefit's new brow collection, from the magical packaging to the products themselves. The collection consists of a re-vamp of 3 of their current brow products - Gimme Brow, Brow-zings and High Brow pencils. The pencils have had their formula switched up, making them a whole lot creamier and easier to blend. Gimme Brow and Brow-zings have had more colours made so there's something for everyone.

The new products include: BROWVO! - a conditioning brow primer, Goof-Proof - an angled brow pencil, ka-BROW- a brow cream-gel and Precisely, my brow - a super-fine brow pencil.  There's also two brow gels: Ready, Set, Brow! - a clear brow gel and 3D BROWtones - a tinted gel that comes in two shades to give highlights or lowlights to the brows. 

There's something for everyone in this range and almost everything comes in 6 shades, so if you're shade 2 in one thing, you're shade two throughout the entire range. 

After getting my brows waxed, the lovely Benebabe applied ka-BROW and I instantly fell in love.
This little pot of magic is home to a gel-cream brow colour that's super long lasting and even claims to be waterproof - which I can vouch for, I decided to test it in the shower and they looked just as good post shower as they did before. 

The best part is that for £18.50 you get the product and a brush, which is located in the lid. You simply pop it off and turn it over and pop it back in and you have a long handled brush. Of course you can use it as a short brush too if you so wish. It's actually a really good angled brush, it's very thin and easily mimics the look of natural brow hairs. 

The only downfall - if you count it as a downfall, is the pigmentation. In comparison to the Freedom Brow Pomade and the ABH offering it's not as thick or pigmented. But personally, I'd rather my brow products lack in pigment because it makes it impossible to go over board. It's certainly buildable and I absolutely love the finish.

I use the shade 02 which is a perfect ashy taupe, as a blonde I did swatch 01 but it pulled a lot warmer on my skin and I much prefer cooler tones through my brows. 

I'm very impressed and really want to pick up Precisely, my brow pencil next!

Have you tried anything from the Benefit Brow Collection?

Liv x

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