Ask anybody who knows a thing or two about skin care and they will rant about the importance of wearing SPF everyday and no I'm not talking about the minuscule amount you find in your foundation. It protects against sun damage which in turn helps prevent premature ageing.

I absolutely love La Roche-Posay as a skincare brand because I have the most sensitive skin going and I pretty much react to everything. Anthelios XL is a dry touch gel-cream facial SPF 50 with UVB and UVA protection, not only does it have a very high level of protection but also feels lightweight on the skin. The worst thing about suncreams is that they're sticky and heavy, however once this has absorbed it's completely weightless.

Unlike many facial SPF's, I've experienced no breakouts as a result of using this product. SPF's have a tendency to block pore but as long as you cleanse your skin well this shouldn't be an issue. It contains no perfumes either as there is nothing worse than being able to smell your skincare all day. 

I've been absolutely swearing by this product recently, especially as the summer weather has finally kicked in, in the UK.

Liv // Deliciously-floral

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