If I had three wishes, one of them would be that chocolate had no calories. I would eat infinite amounts and not gain a single pound or spot and live happily ever after. However I'm no diamond in the ruff and the chances of me finding a magical cave and rubbing a lamp containing a genie that grants me three wishes, are non-existent. 

( I've been to see Aladdin the musical recently, can you tell?) 

I've resorted to my next favourite thing - make-up, to give me that guilt free chocolate fix. I've been hesitant to try anything else from Too Faced since I was so let down by their mascara after falling for the hype, but their liquid lipsticks looked so unique and hey, it smells like chocolate so even if it was shit... chocolate is life. 

Initially, I went in with my heart set on Chocolate Milkshake after Lucy and Lydia's constant raving, but after swatching it I felt as if it was too peachy. I wanted a completely true brown that didn't pull peachy or pinky. The next darkest shade, Chocolate Honey, ticked all the boxes so I couldn't say no.

Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this doesn't start off creamy and set matte, this goes on as a matte cream and stays the same consistency - basically, it doesn't set and as a result is not transfer-proof. However it is long wearing, even through eating and drinking, the pigment is still visible on my lips. If you're a perfectionist you might want to touch up, but I didn't feel it needs it. It also means it doesn't suck all the moisture out of your lips, it's not hydrating by any means but isn't uncomfortable either.

I love the packaging also, the sponge like tip feels strangely nice on the lips and helps diffuse the colour easily and being able to squeeze the product out gives me a lot of control. 

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Chocolate Honey (28/07/2016 - these are currently on 10% off!!) 

Have you tried the Too Faced Melted Liquified Longwear Lipstick? what other colours would you suggest picking up?

Liv | deliciously-floral


None of my make-up looks are complete without a swish of bronzer in that '3' shape around my face. It not only makes it look as if I've actually caught some sun but also makes you look healthy and radiant and, I mean, who doesn't want that?

As much as I adore my Benefit Hoola Bronzer, I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative that has a touch more warmth to it. In this case, I opted to try the Maybelline Bricks Bronzer in the shade 01 Blondes.

It's a combination of two thirds matte warm bronzer and one third a shimmer brick with shades of pink and gold. Both can be worn individually, the shimmer brick as more of a blush. but also look just as stunning swirled together. The result? a beautiful warm, bronzey, glowy complexion.

The only downfall, I may add, is that the packaging feels cheap and flimsy and doesn't contain a mirror. Although to do get quite a lot of product in the pan and the powders are easy to blend.

what's your favourite go-to bronzer?

Liv // deliciously-floral


Ask anybody who knows a thing or two about skin care and they will rant about the importance of wearing SPF everyday and no I'm not talking about the minuscule amount you find in your foundation. It protects against sun damage which in turn helps prevent premature ageing.

I absolutely love La Roche-Posay as a skincare brand because I have the most sensitive skin going and I pretty much react to everything. Anthelios XL is a dry touch gel-cream facial SPF 50 with UVB and UVA protection, not only does it have a very high level of protection but also feels lightweight on the skin. The worst thing about suncreams is that they're sticky and heavy, however once this has absorbed it's completely weightless.

Unlike many facial SPF's, I've experienced no breakouts as a result of using this product. SPF's have a tendency to block pore but as long as you cleanse your skin well this shouldn't be an issue. It contains no perfumes either as there is nothing worse than being able to smell your skincare all day. 

I've been absolutely swearing by this product recently, especially as the summer weather has finally kicked in, in the UK.

Liv // Deliciously-floral


My jaw literally dropped when I saw the images of Benefit's new brow collection, from the magical packaging to the products themselves. The collection consists of a re-vamp of 3 of their current brow products - Gimme Brow, Brow-zings and High Brow pencils. The pencils have had their formula switched up, making them a whole lot creamier and easier to blend. Gimme Brow and Brow-zings have had more colours made so there's something for everyone.

The new products include: BROWVO! - a conditioning brow primer, Goof-Proof - an angled brow pencil, ka-BROW- a brow cream-gel and Precisely, my brow - a super-fine brow pencil.  There's also two brow gels: Ready, Set, Brow! - a clear brow gel and 3D BROWtones - a tinted gel that comes in two shades to give highlights or lowlights to the brows. 

There's something for everyone in this range and almost everything comes in 6 shades, so if you're shade 2 in one thing, you're shade two throughout the entire range. 

After getting my brows waxed, the lovely Benebabe applied ka-BROW and I instantly fell in love.
This little pot of magic is home to a gel-cream brow colour that's super long lasting and even claims to be waterproof - which I can vouch for, I decided to test it in the shower and they looked just as good post shower as they did before. 

The best part is that for £18.50 you get the product and a brush, which is located in the lid. You simply pop it off and turn it over and pop it back in and you have a long handled brush. Of course you can use it as a short brush too if you so wish. It's actually a really good angled brush, it's very thin and easily mimics the look of natural brow hairs. 

The only downfall - if you count it as a downfall, is the pigmentation. In comparison to the Freedom Brow Pomade and the ABH offering it's not as thick or pigmented. But personally, I'd rather my brow products lack in pigment because it makes it impossible to go over board. It's certainly buildable and I absolutely love the finish.

I use the shade 02 which is a perfect ashy taupe, as a blonde I did swatch 01 but it pulled a lot warmer on my skin and I much prefer cooler tones through my brows. 

I'm very impressed and really want to pick up Precisely, my brow pencil next!

Have you tried anything from the Benefit Brow Collection?

Liv x


As much as I love a good drugstore spree, nothing quite hits the spot like a luxury purchase. I've rounded up my top five picks that I would recommend to anyone on the hunt for a treat.

1. Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette (£38)
This will come as no surprise to some, from the luxurious packaging to the high quality formula of eye shadows. This palette has 3 beautiful shimmery shades that can be worn day and night and a stunning glitter pigment. Worth every penny.

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£31)
My holy grail foundation - it glides over the skin offering medium-full coverage providing the most airbrushed, perfected finish. Comes in huge amount of shades, you're guaranteed to find your perfect colour. Also contains no SPF making it ideal for nights out or if you know theres going to be lots of flash photography. Lasting power is good, although if you have oily skin I would suggest a primer.

3. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks (£26)
If you can resist the urge to buy one of these purely for the expensive gold packaging then you deserve a round of applause. But it's not just the packaging that makes these so special, the quality of the lipstick is unlike anything else I know, it's very hydrating and feels almost weightless on the lips. The shade Nude-beige is my absolute favourite nude shade, it goes with basically every make-up look. 

4. Urban Decay Naked Palettes  (£38.50)
I love urban decay eye shadows, they're pigmented and blend like a dream. The Naked palette offer 12 shades within the same neutral family that can be mixed and matched to create an array of looks. There is 4 Naked palettes (1, 2, 3 & Smokey) and 2 Naked Basics. My favourites are 1 & 2 and the original Naked Basics. 

5. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colours (£23)
These cream eye shadows are in stick form making them super easy to apply. They come in a selection of beautiful shades including metallic finishes and matte ones. You simply swipe, blend and then once they've dried they don't budge all day. The shades Rose Gold and Moonlight are my absolute favourite.

Liv x



If you're blue or green eyed then you know the effect wearing warm orangey tones on the eyes. It makes them pop like no other and so I find myself gravitating towards them whenever I'm browsing mac.

I've actually had Amber Lights in my collection for a while but haven't had a chance to rave about it. Mac describes it as a peachy-brown with shimmer, it can be worn alone as a wash of colour and shimmer across or really built up for an intense metallic sheen.  I love pairing it with Woodwinked, placing it in the centre of the lid, the combination of the amber and bronze is incredible and perfect for warm summer evenings.

I'd still a neutral which makes it super wearable but is so unique and beautiful. 

What's your favourite mac eye shadow?

Liv x


I don't know about you but as soon as the tiniest bit of sun rolls around I like to drown myself in bronzer. I wear it all year round regardless because I genuinely look poorly without it, but I always go that extra step in the summer time. I have a small collections of bronzers that I try to rotate (Hoola has my heart in a tight grip) which are perfect for paler skin tones as they offer warmth without being orange or muddy.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
 this will come as no surprise for many of you. I've used it in just about all of my videos (insert shameless plug here - deliciously-floral) because it works so well at not only warming up the skin, but adding lots of definition. It's the perfect balance of cool and warm tones which sculpt the face beautifully. It's easy to use and the risk of going overboard is next to non-existent.

The Body Shop Bronzer - 02. 
Everyone went crazy over these when they were released because finally a brand was addressing the need for different shades of bronzer for different skin tones. The formula is absolutely matte and has a very silky texture which glides over the skin giving that sun-kissed glow. It's much warmer than Hoola and so isn't ideal for contouring but bronzing naturally helps to sculpt the face in a subtle way.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer 
 I believe this has different packaging and name now but the product inside is exactly the same. It's a cream bronzer with a mousse-like texture and an incredible summer scent. It blends easily over and under foundation and gives a natural looking tan in an instant. I tend to use this when I've fake tanned as on very pale complexions it can pull slightly orange.

Maybelline FaceStudio NY Bricks Bronzer 01 Blondes 
 This is a fairly new offering from Maybelline, it's a matte bronzer that shares it's pan with a selection of golden and pink toned shimmers that can be swirled together to create a stunning sun-kissed highlight or mixed in with the bronzer for an all over glow. It's the first product I reach for if I want to create that Gigi Hadid cali-glow.

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette (Light) 
 I know what you're thinking; one of your top 5 bronzers is a contour shade? yes, but the shade would be ideal to contour on a darker, warmer skin tone but for us pale folk this looks incredible dusted everywhere the sun would naturally tan you. It's completely matte and comes with a blush shade and a highlight shade - ideal for traveling!

What's your favourite bronzer?

Liv // www.deliciously-floral.co.uk


If you're lucky enough to have a boots with a NYX counter, you will understand what I mean when I say it looks as if it's been ransacked. I went into a london boots when I went to see Book of Mormon and was utterly disappointed to find all that was left were a couple of coloured eyeliners and some butter glosses. However near the tills they had stocked some little bowls with NYX products and I decided to pick up the HD Finishing Powder.

This finely milled powder is white in the pan, but is completely translucent upon application and it glides over the skin giving an almost airbrushed effect. It makes light work of filling in pores and claims to have a similar effect with fine lines - great for all ages.

In terms of longevity, it has a task to battle shine on my oily skin. Within about an hour of application I can see the shine peeping through although most things are having trouble sticking around in this heat - thank goodness for the Nivea after shave balm.

I think this powder would be perfect for anyone with normal/combination or even dry skin, with a light dusting of this down the centre of the face to set the make-up. If you're not worried about shine and more about setting and banishing pores then this is a perfect affordable option. NYX products are also cruelty free!

If I could improve it, I would add a mirror to the packaging so I could throw it in my handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Liv x

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