Sorry to be an absolute buzz kill but this palette is no longer available. It was sold as part of their christmas collection last year and sold out pretty quick, however all the shades within the palette are still available to buy individually in their classic bullet packaging.

In 1994 MAC created the MAC AIDS FUND, along with it they created a lipstick in which all proceeds go towards funding organisations that help those suffering with HIV/AIDS in under deserved regions and populations. You can find out more about it here - MAC AIDS FUND

Mac describes it as an intense brownish blue-red. It's in their cult matte formula and offers serious pigmentation, the shade is perfect for autumn/winter. I love pairing this with clean skin, groomed brows and lots of mascara.

Muted Pink-Beige with shimmer - I'm not totally sure where the 'shimmer' part is in this because it's certainly not visible in the pan or the lips but whatever. This is my absolute favourite in the entire palette, it's velvet teddy's pinkier sister in a much more hydrating Satin formula - so if you found velvet teddy to be too peach, try this one out for size. It's my favourite nude and pairs beautifully with all make-up looks.

Described as a Muted Brownish Plum, this one also looks beautiful for autumn/winter looks. I personally am not a fan of completely brown lips; whilst it looks incredible on some people, I need to have some colour in there and the plum does that subtly. Similarly to VIVA GLAM I, it's in mac's cult matte formula and doesn't lack in the pigment department either.

Mid-toned Rose with Gold Pearl. Metallic lips are a big trend at the minute and this frosted formula is great for people wanting to dip their toes into the trend rather than diving head first. The gold pearl is subtle but captures the light beautifully and the formula feels lovely and comfortable on the lips.

neutral pink with pearl. This is VIVA GLAM II's lustre finish sister, it looks much more 'glossier' on the lips and is slightly more pink than mac patisserie. This is great for throwing on for an every day look, I love the lustre finishes they're so easy to apply and don't really need a mirror for touch ups. 

Terracotta plum with pearl - another lustre finish. It's slightly lighter than III and has a touch more brown. However it's not as opaque and personally I find it much easier to wear. 

What's your favourite mac lipstick?

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