Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Evidently, I am part of the minority who can't be bothered with the faff surrounding the Kylie Lip kits. They look fab and have had such rave reviews, but I am well and truly put off by the possibility of customs charges and the awful customer service reviews. 

Instead, for once, I have turned to the drugstore to get my liquid lipstick fix. At just £4.99, these Sleek offerings caught my eye. Oddly enough, I was drawn to the nudes from the range, it seems fitting that bold shades should be in long-wear formulas because it takes the stress out of maintaining a power pout, so why shouldn't we feel the same about the nudes?

Liquid lipsticks are pigmented creams that are seemingly shiny when first applied, then dry down to a matte finish, that sticks around through eating, drinking etc. However, I would just like to note they do suck all the moisture out of your lips, I don't think we've hit that point of a moisturising liquid lipstick, I'd give it a year or so. You usually get a choice; longevity or hydration, but the two rarely go hand in hand. 

The Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks are an absolutely fabulous drugstore offering. Gorgeous pigmented shades that last. I'm a lip biter, so I usually have to re-apply around the centre but through eating and drinking? this doesn't budge. To make the most of these products I would suggest exfoliating before hand so the cream glides on effortlessly and doesn't cling to dry bits. 

I own two shades (but no-doubt this will increase):
- Birthday suit (bottom) - a beautiful mauve brown, your lips but better shade. 
- Petal (top) - a soft pink, perfect for spring/summer.

Both shades are super wearable and can be paired with pretty much any look.

Liv,  Deliciously-floral

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