Benefit Brow Wax Review

Benefit are currently giving away a free Gimmie Brow with every brow wax this month and I'm a sucker for a freebie and a good set of brows. So off I popped to my local counter, took a deep breath and endured the 5 minute pain and walked out with a fresh set of perfectly groomed brows and a full sized Gimme brow in my bag. 

Benefit now make it easy to book online (here) - I've been put off before because I absolutely hate ringing up anyone ha, you simply type in your location, select what you want done and then it gives you an option as to who you want to do it for you. 

All I have to say was that my experience was wonderful. As always, the ladies on the benefit are beyond lovely, despite my appointment being at 2pm I wandered in at about 12pm to make sure I was actually booked in and as they were free they squeezed me in there and then. I must admit the girl who did mine wasn't overly chatty, but I'm not really good at holding conversation with strangers anyway. The one thing I was concerned about was that she didn't ask me how I liked my brows etc, she sort of just went straight in and did her thing.Unlike my little sister who had another girl from the counter who asked lots of questions with regards to her brow preference. Thankfully, mine still turned out fab. 

On a scale of 1-10 I'd say the pain was around 5, it's over so quickly and the aloe vera stuff they apply afterwards completely soothes it. She also re-applied make-up to my brows to save me from continuing my shopping with bright red brows. However, I experienced quite a bad break out around them which might have been caused by applying make-up directly to open hair follicles. But neither of my sisters have experienced that so it must just be me and my overly reactive skin. 

I absolutely love the shape, they're still thick but are so crisp and the shape is exactly what I wanted. I didn't get a before picture, I completely forgot, however I did manage to get one of my sister, Naomi - Who's never touched her brows before may I add! 

I love how full they've kept my sisters brows but really enhanced the shape. Both of my sister are now Gimme Brow converts, they absolutely swear by it. 

I've heard so many good things about the custom tint Benefit offer however I wasn't feeling like re-enacting the awful reaction I had last time I tried dying my brows (I looked like frankenstein), so I asked for a patch test but even though I had no problem with it, I'm not sure I want to risk it. Always get a patch test folks. 

I will definitely be going again, I can't imagine letting anyone else at my brows and for just £12.50 it's completely affordable.

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