Spring Lip Picks

Out of all my make-up, I find switching up my lip colour is the easiest way to keep up with trends. I'm a swipe and dash kinda gal, so anything that requires too much effort is saved for days when I can be arsed (which is rare, let me tell you)

THE EVERY DAY: YSL Rouge Volupte -1 
I go on and on about how much I love this lip colour but it is the ultimate spring lip colour. The soft pink, slightly sheeny hue really perks up the complexion. The formula is lightweight and easy to apply, I love re-applying this throughout the day the gold packaging sure adds a touch of luxury to my day.

THE GLOSS:  Maybelline Colour Elixir 500 Mandarine Rupture
This beautiful coral hue is super hydrating and glossy without being sticky. I love sheer corals for a touch of colour without being too high maintenance and opaque. The tiny packaging is great for just throwing into your handbag and the applicator is perfectly moulded to the curve of your lips making it a breeze to apply.

THE STATEMENT: Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Moss - 20
There was a serious toss up between opting for a bold orange/red or a true bright pink, but I'm saving the orange hues for summer. This blue toned pink not only brightens the complexion but the blue tones help to make the teeth appear whiter - winning! The formula has a moisturising finish so is comfortable to wear and glides over any problem areas. Pair with minimal eye make-up; perhaps a slick of white liquid eye liner (like this one from Rimmel) and you've got yourself a fresh twist on a classic spring look. 

Top - Bottom: YSL, Maybelline, Rimmel

What are your go-to lip colours for spring?

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