H&M Beauty Haul | March 2016

Another haul? yeah well I'm not in London that often and London stores always have the best range of make-up so have to grab the opportunity whilst I can. I was completely blown away at the extent of the beauty range, from hair care to uber pigmented eye shadows, there was so much choice that it completely overwhelmed me and I only ended up leaving with three things. That and the rude lady who told me off for looking in the drawers completely made me feel uncomfortable so I wanted to get out of there as soon as poss. There's a difference between politely informing that I wasn't allowed to and being down right rude. I guarantee that If I had been an older lady or looked my actual age then there would be no way she'd have talked to me like that. grrr. 


I headed straight over to swatch the cream shadows. As you may or may not know, cream shadows are my thing. They're the easiest and fastest thing to throw on in the morning or if you're in a rush. I am also a complete magpie for anything coppery/warm bronzey, this Global eyeshadow pot in the shade My Two Cents completely ticks all the boxes for me. Long lasting, easy to blend, stunning vibrant colours, I'm just gutted I didn't pick up more shades.

Next was the glitters, every time I browsed the beauty section on the H&M website the glitters were the first thing in my basket. Unfortunately I never get round to checking out the basket because I hate buying products I haven't seen in real life just incase they're nothing like the pictures, which happens more often than not. The shade Catherine Wheel was the shade I was instantly drawn to. It's a light dusty pinky/silver glitter, it captures the light and completely transforms any make-up look. It's a little chunkier than Mac Glitters so you need to be extra careful to avoid getting any in the eye, using a glitter primer or some fix plus to 'glue' the glitter to the lid is essential.

The last thing I picked up was my absolute favourite. The blending brush is tapered so fits perfectly in the crease and the shorter bristles do all the blending work for you, I am definitely buying another one of these - a complete steal for £4.99, the handle looks so chic and performs way better than my more expensive eyeshadow brushes. 

See the glitter and the brush in use here - https://youtu.be/8Eakm9NDWdc

Have you ever had a bad customer experience anywhere because of age, race etc? - let me know, I'd be interested to hear peoples stories. 

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