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The hollywood palette was one of the first things to sell out of the Tanya Burr collection at my nearest superdrug store and hasn't been back in till now. I can see why it was the most popular, the warm golden, bronzey hues are enough to tug at anyones beauty loving strings. Thats why as soon as I saw it restocked I had to pick it up.

The main reason why I've not picked up anything else from her range is because the god awful packaging. It's bulky, tacky looking and completely impractical I've had to rejig my drawers at least 5 times to fit it in. You can 100% tell the target audience are young teens, which is gutting because the product inside is surprisingly good but she's missing out a whole other audience of maturer women who would probably love this product just as much. Plus that mirror is reminiscent to the warping mirrors you find at a fairground, It just looks very cheap. But then again if you can look past it, you know not judging a book by it's cover and all that, this is a stunning selection of colours.

It has 4 shades: 
- Nude Delight - a matte bone shade, great as a base shadow.
- Gold coin - a soft shimmery gold, perfect inner corner highlight or washed over the lid for a soft natural look.
- Enchantment - a stunning bronze with glitter running through it, ideal for packing on top of a look to take it from day time to evening.
- Bookworm - a matte warm brown, a crease shade to add subtle definition and bringing the whole look together.

The shades are buttery and pigmented, however are quite chalky swirling my brush around in the bookworm shade made the powder go everywhere, you have to be very careful. I was a little disappointed with the Enchantment shade, I really have to pack on the colour to get the glitter to translate on my lids, but once you spend some time on it, it can be really stunning. 

Overall a good little selection of colours at great quality for an affordable price. I'd love to try the other shades in the range but I'm not sure I've got the room. 

Liv | Deliciously-floral.co.uk

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