Rosie for Autograph | Amazing Radiance Cream Review

I am an absolute sucker for anything with rose gold packaging, especially when it's affordable. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently released a range of beauty products for Autograph by M&S and without a doubt it is the most beautiful selection of products I've seen released by a celebrity in a long time. She's a true english rose and her products reflect that - effortless beauty that's universally wearable.

The product that caught my attention the most was the Amazing Radiance Cream. It's essentially a luminous lightweight cream that contains SPF6 and can be worn alone or underneath foundation. It doesn't act as a primer as such, it makes no difference to the longevity of my foundation but it just adds a beautiful glow.

The only thing I have to say about it thats negative is the impractical matte black bottle, although I love that it's squeezey it's a magnet for dirt and it's already grubby. Although the rose gold writing and lid sort of makes up for it. Anyway, petty things aside, this product is wonderful. 

I like to wear full coverage foundations and a lot of them tend to be matte, I love wearing a layer of this under my foundation to give my skin a lit from within glow. It contains a slight shimmer, but isn't glittery or greasy in the slightest, it just looks radiant.

Super model skin in a bottle and for only £18 what is there not to like? I can't wait to try out some more products in her range, the lipsticks and the eyeshadow palettes look beautiful. To see some of her lovely products in action on her even lovelier face Lisa Eldridge films a tutorial with her here.

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