Freedom Pro Highlight Palette

As much as I would love to keep this little highlighting palette to myself and pull an @aniamilczarczyk and have bomb af highlight and not tell anyone what I'm using, consider it my random act of kindness for today that I'm sharing it with you. you're welcome. 

Freedom make-up has been cropping up a lot in the blog world for producing some amazing high end dupes for seriously affordable prices. I use their eye brow pomade and it's essentially the same as the ABH offering. But thats not what i'm here to talk about today, oh no behold the most incredibly pigments selection of cream and powder highlights.

The handy little palette contains 6 cream shadows - 3 cool toned and 3 warm toned, and 2 powder shadows - 1 rose gold and 1 white/pearly shade. It also has a combination of different finishes, two contain rather chunky specs of glitter which is probably only suitable for a night out or on stage, but the rest have a subtle shimmer to recreate a stunning strobed look.

The first three are the cooler toned cream shades. The first being the glittery one, next is a pearl with a slight lilac tone running through it and the last is a pearl. The next two shades are powder, the first being a intensely shimmery pearl and the other being a stunning rose gold. The last three are the warm toned creams. Similarly to the cooler tones, the first is the glittery one, the next one is a pinkier shimmer and the top is a peach shimmer. 

I have been seriously impressed with this palette especially as it only costs £6. Perfect for all your strobing desires.

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