Drugstore Haul | Feb 2016

High street brands are currently killing it with their new releases, it's got me itching to go on a spending spree and try out their offerings. 

Firstly my nearest M&S doesn't stock the new and rather stunning range of beauty that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has created for Autograph. However my sister happened to be near one that did and very kindly picked up the Amazing Radiance Cream. This was the product that caught my eye the most out of this range, it's a illuminating cream that can be worn on its own or under foundation for a dewy glow. The packaging is absolutely stunning, I'm a sucker for anything rose gold and I can't wait to try it out properly.

L'oreal has released a whole new range dedicated to sculpting. Whilst they've come up with a few products, the only thing that caught my attention is the contouring palette. There aren't a lot of cream contours available on the high street so it's nice to see them taking on board the current trends. So far I'm loving the contour shade, but the highlight is a bit wishy washy - think it needs some more testing, I'll keep you posted. 

Mua, Make-up revolution, Freedom Make-up - seriously can't keep up with all these new super affordable brands that are pinging up at the minute. I spotted a tiny Freedom make-up stand in my local superdrug and I was initially drawn in to their eyebrow products that are identical to the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. However, around the other side of the stand they've got a few cheek pallets including this stunning Pro Highlight palette. It's a mixture of 6 creams and 2 powder finishes and oh boy is it beautiful. 

I was reading a few posts on the new Gosh SS16 range and one thing that caught my eye were the Lumi Drops. A similar concept (and packaging) to the Mac lustre drops, you can mix it with a foundation or it can be worn over the top like a highlighter. There's three shades available, the lightest being vanilla - which was the one I picked up, a bronzy shade and a more pinky shade similar to NARS orgasm. 

The final piece of make-up I purchased wasn't a new release, but an old favourite and that's Rimmel Londons East End Snob lip liner. Despite my not so rave review way back, whenever I wore this I received so many compliments, but everytime I've gone into a superdrug its been sold out, luckily I've found this one in Wilkos and quickly snapped it up. 

Body care is my go-to place for buying eyelashes on the high street, they're an absolute bargain! I picked up some different styles than my usual Eyelure 020 Naturals, I went for Enchanted Poise - a shorter more textured lash and Definition 110 a bolder lash that looks great with smokey looks. 

Final bits and bobs were skincare. I've run out of both moisturiser and cleanser - what a stress right? I picked up two mini sanctuary spa illuminating moisturisers as they were 50p each, great to try before buying the full size. I decided to try the L'oreals Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil as my next cleanser. I like using oils as they break the make-up down easier and this one isn't greasy but still makes good work on long wearing make-up. 

I will be doing full reviews on the products once I've had a chance to really test them out. So make sure you're subscribed and following me on Bloglovin'.

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