Two products I owe an apology to...

I have mentioned in a few posts previously (and accidentally to a lady on the Benefit counter in Bloomingdales) that I'm not a fan of the well hyped 'They're Real Mascara'.

I bought the over priced They're Real mascara sample size (£9 for 3.0g of product!) in Boots a while back and I absolutely hated it. The formula left my lashes clumpy/spidery and didn't last the day without smudging around my eyes. Plus the wand resembled a medieval torturous weapon and the amount of times I stabbed myself in the eye was ridiculous. I was absolutely gutted that it didn't live up to the hype, or the price.

I wrote a post comparing the They're Real primer and the little black primer seeing if either were worth the price or the extra step in the routine and came to the conclusion that neither blew me away. (You can read this post here). The They're Real Primer had a very wet consistency and didn't grip to my lashes, it just tinted them slightly, which meant there was no difference when mascara was applied on top.

I am hooked on Benefits head make-up artist, Lisa Potter-Dixons YouTube and by using primary Benefit products, it made me want to give the they're real duo another shot. The results she got by pairing the two together was incredible and seeing as I'd never tried them together before I figured I'd give it another go.

I was super glad I did because the finish is exactly what I want my lashes to look like. Lengthened, thickened and doesn't transfer to my brow bone #hoodedeyeprobs, or melt underneath my eyes. I think because they have dried out a bit, the formula is a lot easier to work with. Of course the extra step adds time to my already stupidly long make-up routine, I find it's completely worth it. It's the first mascara that hasn't transferred or melted around my eyes.

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