Silvercrest Sonic facial cleansing brush

I hate writing about things that aren't available to purchase anymore, but: 1. It's so good I had to mention it and 2. chances are Lidl will have it in stock again eventually.

The Silvercrest sonic facial cleansing brush is Lidls way way way cheaper answer to the Clarisonic cleansing brush. Costing only £19.99, it comes with 3 brush heads (2 normal, 1 sensitive), a charging holder and a travel case. The brush itself is completely waterproof and can be taken into the shower, however I wouldn't recommended cleansing your face in the shower, the water tends to be way too hot.

The brush has four settings, a more gentle 'cleanse', press the button again and you get a more abrasive setting. I avoid this one as I feel it's a little too harsh for my skin. The next two settings are for massaging, for example if you fancy a skin pamper you can apply a nourishing oil and massage it in for a glowing complexion

This removes all the dirt, grime and make-up from the face leaving me with a smooth, clean complexion. My skin has improved massively, it not only looks brighter but is less spotty, clearly my cleanser just wasn't cutting on it's own. 

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