Benefit Real Cheeky Party

Last Christmas Benefit released a blush set as part of their Holiday range, containing a selection of their boxed blushes in one handy place. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to pick one up so you can imagine how excited I was to unwrap this years version of it. 

The set houses four blushes: Dandelion - a light, soft pink, Rockateur - a warm rose gold, Sugarbomb - 4 shimmering shades consisting of a dark pink, light pink, peach and a bronze and Coralista - a soft coral. It also features benefit's famous Hoola Bronzer as well as a sample size of their Watts Up highlighter. In addition, you also receive sample sizes of the They're Real Push Up Liner and They're Real Mascara. All in one handy tin case. 

Having already previously owned Dandelion blush, I had high hopes for the rest of the shades and I wasn't let down. They're all perfectly pigmented, allowing you to build up colour making it impossible to go wrong. 

I completely understand why Hoola bronzer is so popular, it's the perfect balance of warm and cool, it doesn't look too orange or too ashy - great for all skintones. I am obsessed, it both sculpts and adds warmth and I've worn it every day since. The Watts Up highlighter is absolutely beautiful at adding a glistening glow to the tops of the cheekbones, perfect for strobing. 

The only thing I wasn't too fussed about in this set was the They're real products, I find neither product is particularly long-lasting, both migrate round my eyes throughout the day. I'm also not a fan of the mascara wand, it's way too spikey and if I had a £1 for everytime I poked myself in the eye with it I'd be both a millionaire and blind, that shit is deadly. Plus the finish is way too clumpy in my opinion. 

Overall this is a handy little set, a great way to try out benefit products instead of spending a fortune through buying them all individually. Unfortunately it's not available anymore, but if they bring out something similar Christmas 2016 definitely get one!

If you cant wait that long to try any of the products in the set, I would highly recommended the Sugarbomb blush and the Hoola Bronzer!

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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