I'm just going to throw this out there - I love liquid lipsticks. I know I'm not the only one, everywhere I look people are using them and more brands are creating them - even the affordable brands are throwing their own take into the mix. 

Three particular liquid lipstick brands are at the top of the pack in terms of popularity (minus Kylie Lip Kits because I'm probably the only person on this planet who still hasn't tried one) and they are: Jeffree Star, Kat Von D and Lime Crime. All of which, until very recently, were an absolute pain in the butt to get a hold of in the UK. Now Debenhams stock Kat Von D, Beauty Bay stock Jeffree Star and ASOS stock Lime Crime - so obviously I had to try all three, right?

First up is my first liquid lipstick purchase out of the three and thats the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin. I wont delve too much into this one as I already have an entire post dedicated to it (which you can read here). The colour is divine, longevity is good and you can re-apply without it going crumbly and weird. As I've mentioned before my only nag is the scent, it's not the best smelling out of the three but it disappears once dry. The wand is cut perfectly to hug the lip during application and the packaging is pretty with the rose gold writing and Jeffree's signature hot pink lid. 
Longevity: 8/10
Colour: 10/10
Formula: 8/10
Ease of Application: 9/10

Next we have Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere - a cool-toned nude. Previously, there had been a bit of controversy surrounding this brand which really put me off purchasing. However, I trust ASOS and when they started stocking it I was on that quicker than you can say liquid lipstick. The cool-tone isn't something I usually reach for but the shade is incredibly flattering. Longevity is good, however the Jeffree Star option does wear slightly longer before wearing off. Can be re-applied without any crumbling as long as it's a thin coat and is slightly more drying too.  The packaging is adorable, I love the red lid with the pink roses and the frosted plastic tube, making it look more expensive. It uses the classic doe foot applicator that is much stiffer which does mean there is quite a bit of excess product so make sure you take the time to remove that before application. 
Longevity - 7/10
Colour - 10/10
Formula - 7/10
Ease of Application - 6/10

Lastly, I picked up the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. Everyone across the beauty community has raved about this product, so it was top of my list of things to pick up whilst in London. The packaging is much longer than the other two but is a whole lot lighter. Shade wise, this colour can be described as a Chestnut Rose - perfect for Autumn/Winter.  The formula is lovely and light-weight, it applies really easily with full opaque colour in one swipe but the longevity is awful. Within an hour of wearing this, I'm left with a ring of colour around my lips. This is just something to bare in mind if you're biggest request in a liquid lip is wear time. As for the wand, similar to the other two it uses a doe foot applicator, which is slightly cut to an angle to fit the shape of the lips but not to the extent of the Jeffree Star one and is also much stiffer like the Lime Crime option.
Longevity - 4/10
Colour - 10/10
Formula - 8/10
Ease of Application - 9/10

Jeffree Star and Kat Von D both cost £16.00 each and the Lime Crime cost £15.00.

Over all, Jeffree Star has come out on top, in my opinion. Despite the controversy surrounding him, he sure does know how to create a good product. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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I love a good highlight - a duo chrome highlight though? thats a whole other ball game. Mac launched their In The Spotlight Collection a few weeks back which included 4 new shades of their iconic Strobe Cream and 4 new shades of Extra Dimension Skinfinishes. 

I swatched the shade Beaming Blush in Selfridges when the collection dropped and couldn't stop thinking about it, which I figured was a sign that I needed to invest in it, naturally. The shade Soft Frost ended up in my collection as a bit of an accident which I explained all over on my snapchat (deliciouslyf - for anyone interested). 

Beaming Blush is described as a Pink which breaks Gold. Initially I was concerned this would be too pink for my pale complexion and would have to use it as a blush topper but the pink is actually fairly subtle. The gold reflects running throughout make my cheekbones pop like crazy, it's very pigmented but works best with a thicker highlighting brush rather than a fan brush. 

Soft Frost is a White which breaks Violet. I've never seen anything like this apart from the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I haven't been fortunate enough to get my hands on. Similar to Beaming Blush, this shade catches the light like crazy however pulls more violet and so would probably look best on paler skin tones. 

The formula is finely milled and easy to blend, with an incredible amount of pigmentation. It's not as soft as the Balm Mary-lou Manizer which is probably due to the sleek, futuristic design embossed into it, but this gives you lots of control ensuring you don't go overboard. I love applying them with the Zoeva 105 Highlighting brush. 

Beaming Blush and Soft Frost cost £24 each and I purchased them from 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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You can probably imagine my excitement when I spotted H&M beauty in Brighton H&M. I charged straight over to the counters and went on a 20 minute swatch fest, much to the amusement of my Dad who was stood outside the shop waiting for me - whoops!

I was looking for a new powder compact to carry around in my bag as my current one has hit pan and it's only a matter of time before it crumbles. I opted to try the Immaculate Compact Foundation in the shade Cream (£7.99). This finely milled, high coverage powder blurs imperfections in a heart beat and comes with a huge mirror in the lid, unlike my L'oreal one where I have to flip the powder up to find the mirror. It's fairly lightweight and sleek looking with the black and cream packaging, with the gold H&M logo printed on the top. 

Next up was a Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in the shade Rosy Brown (£6.99), I don't like wearing things that are too pink but this is the perfect balance of neutral and pink and adds a touch of life back into my complexion. I adore how luxurious the packaging is for this - the hexagonal shape with the black and gold has a very Tom Ford feel about it. 

I'm forever impressed by H&M beauty, I want to try the haircare next. What's your favourite product from their range?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Usually I wander into TK Maxx only to find a multitude of bright green or purple Nars products that have been touched by every Tom, Dick or Harry that go into the store. I'm forever jealous of the people who manage to find some real gems that are A. unused and B. wearable, so I was quite surprised to say the least when I found these soft touch shadow pencils for only £5.99.

I picked up two shades - Iraklion; a soft metallic taupe and Skorpios; a rich metallic copper.  Both have the classic, sleek, black packaging Nars offer complete with a section on the end with the colour, so you know what it is without having to take the lid off. 

These pencils are extremely creamy and easy to blend, I draw all over the lid then blend it out using a synthetic brush. My only nag is that they stay kind of sticky, so they need to be set using a powder shadow if you're not a fan of that feeling. However, the tackiness doesn't have any effect on the longevity - they last a good 5 hours without a primer before they begin to settle into the crease.

After a quick browse of the Nars website, I have discovered these are actually apart of their current line and are still available to buy full price - £18.50. So if you happen to come across them in a TK Maxx for £5.99 - SNAP THEM UP!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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There are three things I've missed like crazy since being at uni 1. My wonderful Mother, 2. Hot, home cooked food and 3. Baths. When your course involves about 11 and a half hours of physical exercise a week, you crave nothing more than a nice long soak in a bath - a shower that piddles water out just doesn't quite cut the mustard.

I knew the minute I got back I was going to march straight into a lush store and pick up some bath bombs and basically just sit in the bath for a week. 

As soon as I saw the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar it went straight in my basket, not only does it look super cute it smells divine with a beautiful citrus scent, with a blend of Juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oil. You simply break a bit off and crumble it under the tap to fill the bath with bubbles, I usually get about 2-3 uses out of these bars. 

You'll have to be quick if you want to try this one, as it's part of their limited edition halloween range.

What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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There's only one place I go when I need to stock up/bulk buy lashes and thats, so you can imagine my excitement when they contacted me asking me to review a few pairs from their Eylure range.

I am a false eyelash junkie, no glam look is complete without a pair. However, I'm quite fussy I don't have a lot of space between my lashes and my brows, so when it comes to false lashes I prefer something shorter that doesn't compromise on volume. 

First up, I have the 101's. These are specifically used to add volume and open the eye up, as they are much shorter in length than most lashes. Tick, tick and tick. I loved how these looked, really packing a punch in the volume department, I can imagine they would look insane with a smokey look. They do, however, have a slightly thicker lash band making it a little difficult to apply as they are much stiffer. You simply need to wrap them around a make-up brush for about a minute and then they mould against the lash line a little easier. 

Secondly, I have the 159's - these are more fluttery, with a mixture of longer and shorter lashes to add texture.  These are my favourite out of the two, they are more wearable with lighter looks and the thinner lash band makes them a breeze to apply. They add an insane amount of dimension to your look, drawing the attention straight to the eyes. stock over 500 amazing lash brands including: Red Cherry, House of Lashes, Esqido and Ardell to name a few. The prices are much more affordable compared to Superdrug and Boots. Plus they offer free 1st class delivery! 

What are your favourite lashes?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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*these lashes were kindly sent to me for review, however all opinions are my own.


I love the thought of liquid lipsticks, but not a massive fan of the ones I already own. I think they're great and all, but the lasting power isn't overly fab and the drying sensation is definitely not pleasant. 

However, Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks have been on my radar for a while now, but much like the Kylie Lip kits I refused to order anything that has a risk of customs charges - hell to the no. Thankfully, my favourite online beauty store now stock a selection of products and seeing as I was battling freshers flu, I treated myself to the shade Celebrity Skin. 

The shade is described as a soft brown nude, with peachy undertones. I find these colours so easy to throw on for every day and go with basically every look. The formula applies evenly and takes about a minute to fully dry down. It doesn't feel uncomfortable or overly drying, but it's definitely not weightless you can still tell you're wearing a liquid lipstick. Longevity is good, it does say avoid eating oily food as that can break down the product but through eating and drinking it manages to stick around pretty well. 

Like most Jeffree Star products, the packaging is bright pink with the iconic rose gold stars. I love the fact you can see the product in the tube but the colour is kept mostly to the lid, making it easy to pull out of your collection. The want is slightly different to anything I've used before, its cut like a lipstick bullet to essentially hug the lip giving an even application of pigment. It also clicks shut which is very satisfying, I know it's definitely fully done up and isn't going to dry out or leak everywhere.

My only nag is the scent. It's absolutely vile, I'm not even sure what it's meant to be, something sweet probably but all I can say is thank god the smell disappears when the product dries because its nasty. 
Have you tried any of Jeffree Star's products before?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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I like to experiment a lot when it comes to my make-up, rarely do I wear the same eye shadow look 2 days in a row. Unfortunately it means my brushes get dirty so quickly and the long-winded process of cleaning my brushes never sounds appealing. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted about trying Shadow Switch.

Shadow Switch is a dry brush make-up cleaner, so unlike the conventional brush cleaner this contains no liquids and no foul fragrance. It's essentially a dry sponge in a pot that you swirl your brushes around in to remove powders (note: it doesn't work with cream products).

Of course this isn't a deep clean for your brushes by any means, it simply removes any previous eye shadow from the brush so you can go straight in with another shade. It's so convenient when you don't have time to fully wash your brushes but you want to play around with another shade without it getting residue from the previous shade.

It's also super affordable - £5.99 to be exact. When the sponge itself becomes dirty you can simply wash it with warm water and soap, leave it to dry and it's as good as new!

Beauty Essentials are a brand specialising in creative beauty tools such as Shadow Switch - which is already available now on Amazon, however they are soon rolling out some new innovative products in Sephora which is pretty exciting! Whilst amazon stocks the product with the old packaging it will soon be relaunched with the new packaging seen below.

(*PR Sample - all opinions are my own!)

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Ah finally, the sweet smell of PSL is filling the not-so-cold air. I can't wait for cold nights, Autumn leaves, hot chocolate and most importantly - berry lips! Shock, deep wine stained lips were a massive trend seen across the catwalks for A/W16 and like clean skin and bold brows, it's a trend that never seems to die and I'm totally OK with that. 

a completely classic autumn shade. It's the perfect amount of berry that can be dabbed on for a stain like effect or amped up for a statement pout. It's not completely matte so glides comfortably over any uneven texture on the lips - perfect for dry winter skin.

I bought this for obvious reasons, however it's absolutely perfect for A/W. It's slightly darker than you're classic red and this formula of lipstick is one of my favourites. Packed full of pigment with a lightweight, matte finish on the lips it's an absolute must have!

Of course I had to include a liquid lipstick in this line up. This particular shade is definitely not transfer-proof but the colour is stunning and the formula is pretty long-wearing. One swipe and you have full colour pay-off with no streaking, all for only £5.50 what more could you want?

I've opted to throw in something a little closer to the nude family. It requires less maintenance than the more vibrant berry shades however it still adds the perfect touch of colour. Want something more matte? Try Soar Lip Pencil - the two are identical in colour.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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I rarely let things get personal on my blog, I'm not really sure why, I've just never felt the need to delve into my personal life. However, finally, after taking two years more than I should have, I'm off to University and I just want to keep you updated just incase things start changing on DF. 

At 20 I'm finding the whole thing utterly terrifying, so I dread to think what my 18 year old friends are going through. If starting a new course with new people wasn't daunting enough, I'm actually going to have to look after myself - ha, this is going to be one interesting learning curve. 

For anyone curious as to why I'm going to uni at 20, I completed my A levels 2 years ago and in fact did really well. However my head was definitely not in the right place and after many melt downs about the whole thing, I decided to put off going to university and head to college instead. Having just turned 18 I was still able to get on a BTEC course without any fee's, so if you're completing your A levels but don't feel ready to ride the uni bus make the most out of the free education whilst you still can, it's a big commitment both mentally and financially so don't rush into it if you're not ready. 

After my auditions for uni, I realised there was no way in hell I'd have ever got onto the course I'm doing now during my A Levels. It's amazing how productive and inspired you are when you're doing a course you love and not 3 subjects that absolutely suck (and ignore any idiot that makes you feel stupid doing BTEC at the end of the day they can both get you into uni so the jokes on them when they're struggling and you're breezing through). 

In a way I don't feel so worried about the making friends bit because I found making friends at college really easy, but it doesn't make it any less scary - especially when you have to live with them ha! College has taught me to be a lot more patient with people and to think before I open my gob, so I will definitely be packing these skills first. Plus 3 of my friends are going to the same uni as me so if all falls apart I know I have people I can turn to. 

I am definitely going to miss my family, especially my Mum. After 20 years at home it's going to be tough to move away and not have my mum to come home to talk about about my day, chatting over Skype with some dodgy wifi connection doesn't exactly have the same effect. But it's about time I grew up and flew the nest, I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back begging for some decent home cooked grub!

I am excited though, I get to continue studying/training in my favourite thing ever - Musical theatre! And I honestly cannot wait to move into my flat and organise my shit - I bloody love organising! Just need to suck it up and dive in at the deep end, after all everyones in the same boat right? 

Anyway the reasoning behind this post was to warn you that things are going to be a bit hectic over the next couple of weeks for me and I will try and schedule posts etc, but I'm not going to have the same amount of free time I've had over the past 3 months. Things may be a bit here there and everywhere on both the blog and the YouTube, but make sure you're following me on Bloglovin so you don't miss a thing! 

Good luck to anyone else starting uni, here's to what people say are the best years of our lives! Also if you have or know any good uni related blog posts send them my way!!

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Theres 3 things that I look for in a foundation: 1. Coverage - it actually has to do something 2. Lasting power - I'm not spending money on something that lasts 30 seconds on the skin and 3. Finish - looking like an oil slick is not my cup of tea, on the other hand being a matte cakey mess isn't either. When I read the stupid amount of hype towards the Ultra HD foundation it went straight to the top of my wishlist and asked my sister to get me a voucher for Debenhams for my birthday so I could try it. 

The first thing I noticed was the coverage or the lack of, shall I say. I had it down as a bit more of a fuller coverage foundation, that promised to give a 'flawless finish' however for me it does very little in the way of covering. Of course we have to bear in mind I suffer with acne and I'm subconsciously looking for miracles but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. It's definitely sheer to medium and if I want any scaring or redness to be evened out I have to either go in with a couple more layers or rely on something with more coverage - e.g Vichy Dermablend. 

For application I've tried with both a damp beauty blender and a flat top kabuki and I much prefer the brush option, it allows me to get a bit more coverage. 

It does however, look virtually undetectable on the skin which of course is the most hyped thing about it. The Ultra HD part suggests it should be invisible even when using 4K cameras etc. keeping your skin looking like skin although I don't own a 4K camera so I can't vouch for that bit.  It doesn't contain SPF either making it a perfect night out/event base - as long as you have somewhat good skin...

The finish is definitely not matte but isn't dewy, it sits comfortably in a satin finish however a quick heads up to my fellow oily skinned gals, you're going to need to powder this throughout the day. Particularly down the T-Zone I found myself getting more and more glossy. I've only been testing this since mid-July so the summer heat may have had some contribution to the oily situation, I will give an update for the coming Autumn/Winter seasons. 

It doesn't cling to uneven skin texture, but throughout the day I do find it collecting around the usual places - nose, smile lines etc. So as long as I touch up with powder I'm good and I can improve the longevity. 

It's not a bad foundation by any means but it definitely didn't live up to my expectations. Although, I think the Ultra HD Stick might be more suitable to me, offering a medium to full coverage, something the liquid version definitely lacks. 

Have you tried the Ultra HD foundation? What are your thoughts?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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*this product was gifted to me to review,
however all opinions are my own*

I'm a brush hoarder and in my opinion, there is no such thing as owning too many brushes. Good job and all because I was very kindly sent this huge collection of brushes from a affordable brush brand called Abody. 

This set contains a whopping 32 brushes for a mere £7.49, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you they are of incredible quality that could rival zoeva because they're really not. However they are good and ideal as a gift for someone who's just getting into make-up and needs a starter set of brushes. It contains everything you could ever need; blush, foundation, highlight, powder, eye shadow and even eyeliner. 

They come in a huge black brush roll that is ideal for traveling and keeping everything organised. The brushes have sleek black design with super long handles that look very professional. 

There are 2 different types of brush in this set, the blush brushes are made with goat hair and the eye shadow ones are synthetic making them easy to clean and ideal for using with cream products. Plus with everyone getting into the huge trend of highlighters at the minute, this set comes with not one but 2 fan brushes, the bigger one being one of my favourite brushes from this set.

You can buy the set here - Abody 32pc Brush Set

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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I mentioned in my KA-Brow post that I was intrigued by Benefit's Brow Collection from the minute it launched, particularly having my sights set on the Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

This pencil has a twist up mechanism meaning no wasted product through sharpening, which is always good with me. On one end you have the tiny nip of product and the other a spoolie, both cased in the stunning silver packaging that is seen throughout the collection. 

The size means you can easily replicate natural brow hairs, making this product a necessity for people with sparse brows or have obvious gaps as it fills them in with such ease. It's not amazingly pigmented, for some thats an absolute no go, but when it comes to brows I think less is definitely more and the lack of pigmentation here really helps to avoid going overboard with product. Of course if you wanted more pigment, you simply apply more pressure when applying the product. 

I prefer going in with a light hand with light, hairlike strokes, this way I achieve a fuller fluffier brow that looks natural yet defined. The colour match is also perfect, I use the shade 2 across the range - this is a perfect taupe shade, with a good balance of warm and cool tones. There's a shade for everyone in this collection and I love that if you know you're a say a 2 in one product, you know you'll definitely be a 2 across everything.

Yet again, Benefit continue to impress me. From the fun, quirky packaging to their excellent customer service, Benefit will always be a brand I go back to time and time again. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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In light of the wonderful Great British Bake off starting, it's turned my attention to a different type of baking - baking ma face! Something that perhaps doesn't smell quite as delicious but sure as hell involves a lot less drying up!

The art of baking is nothing new, particularly in the world of Drag Queens. In order for all their make-up to last throughout their performance they bake to set it all into place. You apply translucent  powder to the skin and I'm talking a lot of powder, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes before dusting it away. Essentially the powder forms a barrier and in turn causes the heat from the skin to set the concealer/foundation, then it doesn't budge!

This heat we've been experiencing has meant my skin is an oily sweaty mess, that make up just slips and slides around. So I've started setting my under eyes and underneath my contour by baking with the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and have noticed a huge difference in the longevity of my make-up. It doesn't crease, the oil doesn't seep through and my make-up looks just as flawless as when I first applied it.

My favourite way to apply the Laura Mercier powder is to take a damp sponge, whether that be the Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques offering, dip it into the powder and bounce it into place. If I want to bake underneath my contour I take a wedge sponge for a bit more precision. 

Whilst my baking skills aren't all that fab, make-up baking is something I am fully on board with and cannot imagine not doing it- unless I want my make-up to slip and slide around my face of course.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Wandering across to a mac counter can be a little overwhelming sometimes  all of the time. Usually it's swarmed with customers and the sheer range of products available make it difficult to know where to start. Well don't you worry, whether you're a mac newbie or you're looking for some new additions to add to your collection; I've got 3 products I think you need in your life.

I'm a lipstick junkie. Having tried and tested a lot of formulas from a bunch of different brands, I always find myself drawn back to my mac lipsticks - particularly Velvet Teddy. This gorgeous brown toned nude adds the perfect amount of warmth to my lips and looks great paired with just about every make-up look. Mac's iconic matte formula means this product not only has incredible pigmentation but also has fab lasting power.

If I could only wear one eye shadow for the rest of my life; it would be this. This warm bronze shadow can be sheered out for an every day one wash eye shadow look, or packed on to give an almost wet-look sheen to the lid. It's one of those complex shades that when blended out all over the lid and into the crease it looks as if you're wearing more than one shadow. It's beautifully pigmented and has a gorgeous buttery formula and looks stunning on an array of different skin tones.

I bought this blush whilst in New York, shopping in Bloomingdales - so already it holds a special place in my heart.  However the colour itself is so versatile; it's a warm mauvey pink with a gold shimmer running throughout. Washed across the cheeks it adds the perfect amount of warmth and glow to perk up the skin. This shade pairs well with so many different make-up looks which is why I reach for it so often.

If you could only use one mac item what would it be?

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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